Where do we go from here?
Fri Oct 27, 2017 19:23

Everything moved really fast, and it took her a few moments to keep up. She let him take the bag from her shoulders and enjoyed the momentary weight lifted from her shoulders. Then, he started to talk. Well, ramble. Or something between talking and rambling. Tambling? Ralking? Marissa wasn’t sure.

She blinked several times after just processing the first part: Danny and Rachel broke up. That made sense. Marissa talked to Holland about their relationship; the red-head couldn’t help it. Holland mentioned that Danny hadn’t been super serious with Rachel. Marissa couldn’t stop herself from being super bothered by that. At first, she’d wanted to be not so serious with Danny, and that didn’t work for him. Then, she’d tried to be serious. He didn’t want that, either, because of pureblood nonsense. And then he came back from their midterm and he was in a not-so-serious relationship with someone else. That hurt.

If he’d given her a chance, she would’ve lied and said that she was sorry. She may have even offered to buy him a coffee to make him feel better, even though he seemed fine. At this point, Marissa knew what a break up (or whatever she and Danny had been doing) felt like, so even if he was acting all fine and dandy, she would’ve done something to take care of him. She didn’t get to offer, though, because he immediately went on the previously mentioned Tamble.

Marissa stared. That was all she could manage through the whole thing. Danny confessed still having feelings, and he asked her out on an actual date, and this was extremely unexpected. The Aquila wouldn’t have been surprised if her mouth was hanging open a little.

“What… what do you think?”

What did she think?

She’d imagined what she’d do if Danny asked her out again several times over the past few weeks. It usually ended in one of two ways: he asked her out, and she kissed him right then and there. Or, he asked her out, and she just started before turning and walking away. Neither of those things happened.

Instead, she took pause, then took his hand and led him to one of the nearby benches. “Danny,” she started once they were sitting, as if she was trying to get her bearings, “This had really sucked. You dating Rachel. That really hurt my feelings.” Okay, honesty, that’s good so far. “We kept going back and forth, and I made it… super, incredibly clear that I would be open to whatever kind of relationship you wanted. And you made me think that if you were ready to date, you’d want to be with me right away.

“I’m going to say yes,” she cut in quickly, “Because of pineappleing course I’m going to say yes, are you kidding me? I just… need you to know that that sucked.” She smiled a little nervously. “So this Valentine’s date you’re taking me on has to really be amazing, okay?”

  • Once more, with feeling - Dardanius, Sun Oct 22 13:40
    “Hi,” Danny replied automatically, even while his mind went blank. She mentioned a hot date; Dardanius struggled to make sense of it - somehow it didn’t occur to him she was talking about Rachel.... more
    • Where do we go from here? - Marissa, Fri Oct 27 19:23
      • We sound our victory cheer - Danny, Sat Oct 28 14:00
        He hadn’t had time to consider how she might react, as he had made his decision to ask her out in the few seconds between almost bumping into Marissa and actually voicing his proposal. He had... more
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