Lovely weather we're having, huh?
Thu Jan 19, 2017 21:34

Andres's eyebrows rose and he closed his eyes, his eyebrows now furrowed. The boy was deaf-Andres was such an idiot. An apologetic expression on his face, he actively slowed down his speech to a normal pace. "I'm sorry, I didn't know. Er- I tend to speak fast but I'll try really hard to not talk as much," he said curtly, making sure that he didn't over explain himself like he usually did to anybody that was unfortunate enough to catch him in a chatty mood. He shook his head silently to himself and let out a small breath. Smiling, he laughed a little when Bryn explained that the shoe colors weren't intentional.

"Haha, god of course not. I'm probably the only one that thinks that sorta thing is cool. And yes! I am a transfer, I moved to California recently and RMI was a closer option than my old school in Florida," he said and stopped because he realized he was already starting to ramble. He decided that instead of talking about super specific things, which honestly was everything to him, he'd just stay broad and simple. Or at least, he'd try his very best to (let's be real, it's not like Andres could magically make himself shut u- he'd look into it later).

He took the boy's hand into his own and shook firmly- his mother had always taught him to shake firmly "Como un hombre" to which he'd ask, "Pero mami, y si eres una mujer?" which would always make his mom angry. His mom was angry a lot, but to be absolutely fair, Andres probably did or said something stupid to deserve it. At least, he was pretty sure that's how things worked inside a Cuban household; if he didn't hear her scream at least once every three days something was wrong.

"Hi Bryn, it's nice to, erm, meet you, uhh, formally?" the Ceti said questioningly, not sure if that was the correct word to use. He smiled and continued. "I'm in Cetus! But Draco looks really cool too! Everything looks cool at RMI, it's nothing like my old school," he said. He almost kept talking about his old school, but he was sure Brynjolf didn't really care- but that was fine because Andres cared and that was enough for him. "Anyways, uh, were you going anywhere specific? I was about to go to any place that has wifi myself, maybe some place with snacks too," he said, as he rubbed his stomach jokingly.

  • I repeat,: uh, sure? - Brynjolf, Wed Jan 18 11:23
    Brynís eyes locked onto the kid who bumped into him. Or more specifically, his mouth. Considering that Bryn hadnít fully turned towards the other person, any words now tumbling out of the persons... more
    • Lovely weather we're having, huh? - Andres, Thu Jan 19 21:34
      • See, now you're on the right track. - Brynjolf, Thu Jan 19 22:10
        ďItís not a big deal,Ē Bryn said with a smile, shrugging off the other third-yearsí apology. He was used to people talking quickly or thinking that he heard them when he didnít. It was what happened... more
        • The boy told Andres that he could talk as much as he wanted and it was like some spell had broken in some fairy tail about some chick who was sleeping, or was it the one with the long hair? Andres... more
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