Claudia Dubois
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Thu Nov 2, 2017 14:08

It had taken a few back-and-forth letters to arrange a time that was mutually convenient, but finally the Dubois children had agreed a Sunday breakfast date with their mother. Claudia was, predictably, both excited and unnerved by the prospect of meeting her mother for a family meal during term time. It was obviously delightful to see her mother for during term time, yet while Claudia was, by now, much more familiar with the mall than she had been at the beginning of the academic year, Pearl Street was still not a place in which she was entirely comfortable, and her knowledge of the various eateries was exceptionally limited. She had needed, regrettably, to rely on Danny’s judgment, which had never been much aligned with her own, and appeared to be increasingly less so. For example, “Are you going to tell her about Marissa?” Claudia asked her brother, nonchalantly.

“Are you going to tell her about Connor?” he teased in reply. She frowned at him, the expression a jarring contrast to the baby doll ringlets bouncing on the shoulders of a conservative, but feminine, blush pink robe. It felt restrictive, returning to something from her family-safe wardrobe selection. In the past few weeks she’d been more daring with her outfits in school - shorter skirts, brighter shades, lower necklines - keeping modesty a priority at all times, naturally, yet even so she wasn’t certain how her mother might react. There was, the third year assured herself, nothing to be ashamed of in learning to dress appropriately for her age, which was much closer to fourteen than it was to twelve, nor in learning how to apply a little harmless makeup (although she had dispensed with that today, too, bar a clear mascara and clear lipgloss to keep her nerves in check). Nevertheless it wouldn’t hurt to delay breaking her current clothing preferences to her mother until the summer. Or perhaps later.

Considering her usual daily appearance was something she wished to conceal from her mother, the concept that she was in an exclusive relationship with one of the boys in her yeargroup was most certainly not open for discussion. Obviously, her agreement with Connor was very seemly, but there was undeniably potential for the details to become lost in translation. She did not wish to give her mother cause to worry. “Absolutely not,” she said, trying to sound firm on the matter, with perhaps a hint of a threat that Danny ought not to say anything about it, either, but even she could hear the faint plea that escaped, instead.

“A mutual non disclosure,” Danny grinned at her. “Agreed?”

“Agreed,” she nodded, as they stepped out of the bookshop together. Apparently Danny’s judgment did still align with her own on some matters. At least her own slightly-more-than-platonic tastes were nothing about which to be ashamed; Connor was, arguably, beneath her on the social hierarchy, but he was also foreign, so that was sort of acceptable. At least he shared her morals and ideals, and understood about important concepts like tradition and propriety. Marissa Kendrick emphatically did not. In all truthfulness, Claudia actually liked Marissa, because she had always been friendly, if a little too vivacious for Claudia's personal preferences, but that didn’t mean she was an appropriate date for her brother.

“Are you certain I can trust you to buy her flowers?” she checked with him. She would do it herself but she’d never been into a florist here; besides there was a dress in a delightful little boutique she wanted to try, and they’d both come up to the mall a little earlier than was necessary. At Danny’s assertion, Claudia reminded them both where and when to meet, and made her way to one of the few stores that were open on a Sunday morning. The third year preferred to shop at this time because it was quieter than usual, and yet another RMI student arrived at the door at the same time. “After you,” Claudia said politely, gesturing towards the door with an open palm.

    • That would be weird - Camilla Baird, Mon Nov 20 00:35
      Camilla had been taught from an early age that a girl of her ancestry should always look her best, and as a neglected child she usually riveted in the occasions where her mother wanted to go shopping ... more
      • Thank you for saving me - Claudia, Tue Nov 21 16:17
        Camilla was one of the older students that Claudia didn’t mind too much. She didn’t know her especially well, and while Claudia did her best to avoid the RMI grapevine, it was inevitable that some... more
        • You are welcome - Camilla, Tue Nov 21 17:27
          “Why not?” Camilla asked eyeing the dress the younger girl was obviously in love with. The older witch took a few steps towards Claudia. The boutique wasn't a big place, but you wouldn't realize it... more
          • What do you think? - Claudia, Wed Nov 22 14:16
            Camilla reached out to touch the fabric too. That was reassuring; Claudia liked to feel fabric beneath her fingers, to trail her hands along rails sometimes just to feel the enticing sensation of... more
            • I think a lot of things - Camilla, Wed Nov 22 17:27
              The blonde was excited to see that Claudia had obliged her request. She didn't seem to be offended by her slight pressure to try the dress on. From what she knew about Danny’s younger sister focused... more
              • Me too - Claudia, Tue Nov 28 11:49
                Claudia was by no means immune to flattery; she liked being told that she looked lovely. When Camilla said that she didn’t look like a girl anymore, however, two small spots of pink appeared high on... more
                • Excellent! - Camilla , Tue Nov 28 14:24
                  Camilla had not been in any delusion on which shoes Claudia was going to choose. The blonde knew or, at least though she knew, how girls from Claudia’s upbringing thought. They looked for more... more
                  • Wonderful! - Claudia, Wed Nov 29 17:24
                    Having extricated herself from the new dress and clothed herself once more in her original outfit for the day, Claudia took a few moments to tease her hair and eyebrows back into uniform neatness... more
                    • Amazing! - Camilla , Wed Nov 29 18:27
                      The Cetus was used to shop by herself. She had a very healthy self-esteem fueled by constant exercise and eating healthy most of the time, so she rarely sought validation on whether something looked... more
    • Replies welcome to either part - Dardanius Dubois, Thu Nov 2 14:16
      Danny suspected his mother would not be so eager to meet them in term time, had it not been for various circumstances relating to his personal life - and a few bad decisions on his part - that had... more
      • I'll pick this part, I suppose - Rose Farnon, Tue Nov 7 14:31
        It was a Sunday morning, which was typically when Rose wasn’t scheduled to work at Kimball’s, but one of her coworkers, a nineteen-year-old college kid named Andy, had managed to muck up restocking... more
        • Grateful for the interaction - Dardanius, Tue Nov 7 15:50
          A distraction did arrive, in the shape of Rose. Not that she was as distracting right now as she had the potential to be, like when she was in her bathing suit (they were both up early enough to swim ... more
          • Aww does that mean you like me? - Rose, Tue Nov 7 19:20
            With a somewhat unattractive snort, Rose rolled her eyes at Danny. It seemed weird for his mum to be coming to see him this early on a Sunday, but she supposed that it was probably as good a time as... more
            • I don’t dislike you - Danny, Wed Nov 8 15:41
              Danny offered Rose a consolatory grimace as she explained about Andy. It seemed like he was lucky to have not been hexed by Rose already for his apparent incompetence (although he supposed he had no... more
              • That's a diplomatic response - Rose, Sat Nov 25 09:53
                It was easy for Rose to catch Danny’s discomfort when she mentioned having Marissa meet his mother, which she noted for the future, but didn’t say anything about. Marissa was a pureblood,... more
                • It's a skill - Danny, Tue Nov 28 15:19
                  Rose’s un-sugar-coated declaration that she didn’t have the patience for him caused danny to grin; even if she had noticed that he was avoiding introducing his mother to Marissa, she wasn’t going to... more
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