Rose Farnon
I'll pick this part, I suppose
Tue Nov 7, 2017 14:31

It was a Sunday morning, which was typically when Rose wasnít scheduled to work at Kimballís, but one of her coworkers, a nineteen-year-old college kid named Andy, had managed to muck up restocking on Saturday night and Rose was the person willing to come in at an ungodly hour of the morning to fix the problem, so there she was on Pearl Street earlier than she would have liked, headed back to RMI in her Kimballís uniform. It wasnít a bad uniform. The forest-green polo shirt made the green in Roseís hazel eyes stand out, and the khakis worked with the black boots she had taken to wearing. Plus, she kind of liked how official it made her look. She was just an employee at a Quidditch supply store in Boulder, but it made her look like some sort of authority on things. And to be fair, Rose was more well-versed in Quidditch supplies than a lot of the customers who came in, most of whom were university students who did intramurals Quidditch at UC Boulder or families with kids in the Tiny Tykes Quidditch League. As far as Rose knew, there wasnít a league for young Quidditch players near where her family lived in England, but Americans seemed to be weirdly invested in a sport that hadnít even taken hold in the States for a fair amount of time.

Quodpot. Quodpot was fun. Rose was good at Quodpot. Not that she wasnít good at Quidditch, but something about explosions made Quodpot a little bit more fun.

Rose hadnít decided whether or not to stop by a coffee shop for a hot drink before going back to RMI, but then she spotted a familiar figure headed her way and she grinned, waving Danny down. Like Rose, Danny was an early bird, so she was used to running into him at times that might seem downright unhealthy for other students, but she definitely hadnít anticipated seeing anyone from school on Pearl Street at this hour. Not only was Danny on Pearl Street, but as Rose drew closer to her yearmate she realized with a smirk that he was wearing fancy clothes. Danny was no slouch when it came to dressing nicely, but he definitely didnít dress up like that every day.

ďHot date?Ē Rose called, once they were in earshot. ďA little early isnít it?Ē

Marissa and Danny had finally gotten over themselves (well, kind of anyway, as much as Danny could ever get over himself) and were some sort of item. Rose probably didnít need to make it clear to Danny again that if he made Marissa upset a second time she would probably murder him, but she had considered it. And realistically, Marissa was probably distracted enough with Danny that Rose could probably stop pretending to date Emmett but...that seemed...well, it was nice dating someone. Even if they werenít dating for real, and they were just holding hands and stuff to make their friends think they were dating for real. And Rose had gotten Emmett a puffskein to replace his stupid fake baby so now it would be weird if they broke up without having a big fight, and honestly Rose was just too busy getting ready for college applications to orchestrate something like that. Plus it would probably make Emmett sad or something, and that would just make Rose feel bad. Not that sheíd admit that to anyone, of course.

  • Replies welcome to either part - Dardanius Dubois, Thu Nov 2 14:16
    Danny suspected his mother would not be so eager to meet them in term time, had it not been for various circumstances relating to his personal life - and a few bad decisions on his part - that had... more
    • I'll pick this part, I suppose - Rose Farnon, Tue Nov 7 14:31
      • Grateful for the interaction - Dardanius, Tue Nov 7 15:50
        A distraction did arrive, in the shape of Rose. Not that she was as distracting right now as she had the potential to be, like when she was in her bathing suit (they were both up early enough to swim ... more
        • Aww does that mean you like me? - Rose, Tue Nov 7 19:20
          With a somewhat unattractive snort, Rose rolled her eyes at Danny. It seemed weird for his mum to be coming to see him this early on a Sunday, but she supposed that it was probably as good a time as... more
          • I donít dislike you - Danny, Wed Nov 8 15:41
            Danny offered Rose a consolatory grimace as she explained about Andy. It seemed like he was lucky to have not been hexed by Rose already for his apparent incompetence (although he supposed he had no... more
            • That's a diplomatic response - Rose, Sat Nov 25 09:53
              It was easy for Rose to catch Dannyís discomfort when she mentioned having Marissa meet his mother, which she noted for the future, but didnít say anything about. Marissa was a pureblood,... more
              • It's a skill - Danny, Tue Nov 28 15:19
                Roseís un-sugar-coated declaration that she didnít have the patience for him caused danny to grin; even if she had noticed that he was avoiding introducing his mother to Marissa, she wasnít going to... more
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