See, now you're on the right track.
Thu Jan 19, 2017 22:10

“It’s not a big deal,” Bryn said with a smile, shrugging off the other third-years’ apology. He was used to people talking quickly or thinking that he heard them when he didn’t. It was what happened when one couldn’t visibly see a disability. Despite the suggestions of many, Bryn’s parents had chosen to forgo a cochlear implant. They chose to let Bryn make the decision and it was something he didn’t want. It wasn’t that he wasn’t ungrateful that his parents wanted him to be normal, it was just that by the time they gave him the option, Bryn had already adjusted to living with it. “I appreciate that, although you can certainly talk as much as you want, just, slowly.”

The Draco gave Andres a grin, cocking his head to the side as he started to babble. With the added addition of partial sound reaching his left ear, it was much easier to make out what he was saying. “Florida? That must be pretty cool, why move to California?” It seemed like a pretty big jump to go from one coast to the other. Not that Bryn really knew anything of it, living smack dab in the middle of the states when he wasn’t at school. “And uh, no the shoes thing is cool. Sometimes I mismatch them on purpose, but today I think I just forgot. Really, I’m lucky I didn’t put on two left shoes or something.”

The Cetus had a strong handshake and Bryn appreciated that. Most guys these days brushed him aside or gave him a weird look. The “bro-hug” was not something the Nordic boy did. He was far too “sophisticated” for that. In reality, he just thought that it looked really lame to hug another dude. Handshakes were for the real kinds of people. “Yeah, formally,” Bryn agreed, releasing the other male’s hand. “What was your old school like?” It seemed to Bryn that Andres wanted to talk about it, but perhaps the knowledge that the Draco was pretty much deaf had made him a little self-conscious about talking too much.

“I wasn’t going anywhere specific. I just, need to not be a wizard for a little while, if that makes any sense.” The Draco rubbed the back of his head. But it seemed that Andres was maybe looking for the same thing. Bryn had enough knowledge of the Muggle world to know what wifi was and knew exactly where to find it on the mall strip. “Well, if you’re looking for food and wifi,” Bryn said, brandishing a hand towards the mall. “There’s Celeste’s Café? It’s got some good food and stable internet connection.”

“I can show you if you’d like?” Brynjolf offered, not wanting to impose on Andres’ time.

  • Lovely weather we're having, huh? - Andres, Thu Jan 19 21:34
    Andres's eyebrows rose and he closed his eyes, his eyebrows now furrowed. The boy was deaf-Andres was such an idiot. An apologetic expression on his face, he actively slowed down his speech to a... more
    • See, now you're on the right track. - Brynjolf, Thu Jan 19 22:10
      • The boy told Andres that he could talk as much as he wanted and it was like some spell had broken in some fairy tail about some chick who was sleeping, or was it the one with the long hair? Andres... more
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