I don’t dislike you
Wed Nov 8, 2017 15:41

Danny offered Rose a consolatory grimace as she explained about Andy. It seemed like he was lucky to have not been hexed by Rose already for his apparent incompetence (although he supposed he had no way of knowing for sure that hadn’t happened). Danny had been on the receiving end of Rose’s hexes before, but only in duelling club, when they were acceptable and expected, and usually just for practise rather than with any intention of actually hurting him. Outside of the club she seem to prefer smacking him around the head which, knowing Rose’s skill with a wand, was probably the more favourable scenario.

She asked what had prompted his mother to meet them - or technically to meet them early on a Sunday; each question as valid as the other. Danny only shrugged as an initial response. The only reason that either he or Claudia had been given, as far as he could ascertain, is that it was possible for them all to meet together now that Claudia was in third year. Of course the same had been true before midterm, yet nothing had been arranged before now. That on its own was sufficient for Danny to suspect that they were just being watched more closely than was warranted. It wasn’t until Rose mentioned it that he had any cause to think there might be a specific reason for his mother’s visit, but he really couldn’t imagine what would need to be said face to face after a long back-and-forth correspondence to arrange the meeting, that could not be said in a letter. Surely anything too important to write would have had some urgency not facilitated by the duration between the idea for this meal and it’s taking place.

Rose had her own suggestions to make, naturally, and while Danny did his best to laugh them off, his mild discomfort her comments caused might have been perceptible to someone who knew him as well as she did. “She’d probably rather I brought you along,” he said, in an honest estimate of the impressions he had received from both his parents, but especially his mother, regarding his faked involvement with Rose. “After the summer I think she was hoping you and I might settle down, give her respectable grandkids.” He shrugged again. Just because he wouldn’t be forced into a marriage by his parents, it didn’t mean their hopes for him had changed.

One thing that was now reasonably certain was that Rose obviously didn’t know about Claudia’s - he hesitated to use the word, even to himself - boyfriend, and Danny saw no reason to enlighten her right there and then. He and Claudia had never really been close enough to share personal details like that without good reason, and the fact that Connor hadn’t told Rose, either, suggested the Farnon siblings shared a similar dynamic. Actually Danny thought he had seen Rose with her younger brother more often. Regardless, the Dubois siblings had agreed not to discuss Claudia’s relationship, in whatever format it was currently being experienced, with their mother. While he suspected Rose might understand their reasonings for that, he suspected she might be less forgiving of his decision to keep Marissa a secret. “Claudia and I will probably not discuss romance over breakfast with our mother.” He aimed to deflect any further questioning by adding, “Is that the sort of thing you discuss with your parents?”

  • Aww does that mean you like me? - Rose, Tue Nov 7 19:20
    With a somewhat unattractive snort, Rose rolled her eyes at Danny. It seemed weird for his mum to be coming to see him this early on a Sunday, but she supposed that it was probably as good a time as... more
    • I don’t dislike you - Danny, Wed Nov 8 15:41
      • That's a diplomatic response - Rose, Sat Nov 25 09:53
        It was easy for Rose to catch Danny’s discomfort when she mentioned having Marissa meet his mother, which she noted for the future, but didn’t say anything about. Marissa was a pureblood,... more
        • It's a skill - Danny, Tue Nov 28 15:19
          Rose’s un-sugar-coated declaration that she didn’t have the patience for him caused danny to grin; even if she had noticed that he was avoiding introducing his mother to Marissa, she wasn’t going to... more
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