Holland Keene
Retail therapy [Marissa, Russell]
Sun Nov 12, 2017 19:08

It was Marissa’s idea to invite Russell on their next shopping expedition. Holland was initially unsure about the notion. After all, they would rank Russell as Very Low on the list of people who would probably enjoy shopping. Definitely lower than Danny, who actually seemed to like it, and probably below Emmett, who was mostly bored by shopping but tolerated it when other members of the group dragged him into a clothing store. Bright lights plus mirrors plus other human people seemed like it added up to a very anti-Russell environment.

But Marissa was really into the idea and Holland didn’t have a real objection, so they let Marissa convince Russell that a shopping expedition with the three of them would be fun. Marissa was good at convincing people to do things and Russell had agreed and Holland had checked the forecast and picked a weekend. It was cloudy but not raining, in the way of mid-spring, which Holland thought would be ideal. It was warm enough that Holland could wear over high-waisted gray shorts over bejeweled fishnets, but cool enough that they were glad their star-spangled top had sheer black sleeves. They’d spent way too long choosing lipstick this morning this morning because they couldn’t decide between metallic or matte. They’d gone with a matte dusty rose color in the end, because both the blue and the gold eyeliners they’d doubled up on were metallic.

Holland had a vague want for new leggings, but otherwise not much of an agenda. This was typical for their shopping trips with Marissa; they both liked to window shop even if they weren’t going to buy. Holland was debating whether or not they wanted to go into Veela’s Vanity or another make-up store. Well, okay, that was a lie—Holland always wanted to go into a make-up store, but the question was whether or not they could leave without spending way too much money. (It wasn’t much of a question, because the answer was “probably not.”)

Since Russell was coming, they also thought it would be fun to try and get him to try on outfits that actually matched, although Holland wasn’t completely optimistic. Maybe Marissa could use her persuasion powers and they could fix Russell’s whole “Hawaiian shirts with plaid shorts” thing. Holland was willing to acknowledge that fixing the underclassman’s wardrobe would probably be a long-term endeavor, but one had to start somewhere.

Holland had to mail a birthday card (it had a picture of a frog on it and the words “Hoppy Birthday!”) to one of their cousins on the Keene side, so they made their way to Pearl Street early to use the Muggle post office. They supposed they technically could’ve sent the card with one of the school owls, but the owl-to-Muggle service took a little longer than the Muggle post. Also, the Muggle addresses that went through the system were probably recorded by the wizarding government so that they could keep track of which Muggle households were still unaware of magic, and Holland didn’t want to contribute to that database.

After they finished up at the post office, Holland made their way to the designated meeting place outside Lighthouse Books. They were the first to arrive, but they didn’t have to wait long before one of their shopping companions joined them. “Hey,” Holland greeted them, waving with the hand that wasn’t holding the half-empty London fog latte they’d gotten from Café Vert on the way to the post office. “Was there anywhere you especially wanted to go today, or are we just going where the wind takes us?”

    • This is therapeutic? - Russell Drew, Mon Nov 13 13:42
      In retrospect, he should have asked Marissa if they could meet at RMI and go up to Pearl Street together. Unfortunately, this thought didn’t occur to Russell until he was sitting on the floor of his... more
      • It can be! - Marissa Kendrick, Wed Nov 22 12:29
        Marissa loved shopping. It was less about spending money and getting things. Sure, that was nice when it happened, but the best part of shopping was doing it with other people. She loved trying... more
        • You just need the right attitude - Holland, Mon Nov 27 23:17
          As he arrived and greeted them, Holland was impressed to see that Russell had put his hair up in a half bun. It looked good. Less good was his outfit, which included a blue and yellow Hawaiian shirt, ... more
          • I might need some help with that - Russell, Sat Dec 9 00:04
            “Hi,” he returned Marissa’s greeting, painfully aware of how lacking the greeting sounded compared to the redhead’s much more chipper entrance, but also feeling better now that she was with them. It... more
            • That's what we're for! - Marissa, Thu Dec 14 17:24
              “Yay!” Marissa cheered brightly, excited that her idea took hold. She loved the creative freedom that came with the talent show. It took her a while to figure out what she wanted to do, but... more
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