Russell Drew
This is therapeutic?
Mon Nov 13, 2017 13:42

In retrospect, he should have asked Marissa if they could meet at RMI and go up to Pearl Street together. Unfortunately, this thought didn’t occur to Russell until he was sitting on the floor of his room and fixing his socks (he had accidentally put one of them on inside-out and that seemed like a poor impression to make when the point of the Pearl Street expedition he had been invited on was to go shopping). The sudden realization that he would have to leave Cetus and go to the elevator and take it up alone, without even knowing if the others were already waiting for him or if they hadn’t even gotten there yet themselves, was enough to make his heartrate speed up. But it was too late now to ask Marissa to meet him in advance so, with an odd but familiar mix of reluctant slowness plus anxious fidgetyness, he settled Jaws into the middle pouch of his knapsack and slung it over his head and shoulder.

Russell had no idea what he would need for today and had therefore made sure to prepare himself as much as possible. He had washed his hair today and used a charm to stir up a gentle wind so that it would be dry, because what if it was cool outside? Wet hair would just make him colder. The next step was to actually do something with his hair, because Holland was gonna be there and they would surely be expecting it, and after some trial and error (mostly error), he had managed to arrange the top layer back into a bun. Mirrors were still among his top fifty most scary unfun things, so he had to go by touch, but it felt like it was neater than not. And of course he had his fedora on top in case the sun was out. Most hair situations could be resolved and/or simply disguised by either a hat, a bandana, or a mouse.

The rest of his outfit had honestly stumped him for a bit. The charmed weather on the Pitch couldn’t be guaranteed to be the same as the real weather aboveground; he might trust it on a general level, but this morning his dorm window had been looking out on a sunrise featuring gold-highlighted clouds that were shaped perfectly like cartoon stars, so he wasn’t feeling too optimistic about it. In the end, he went for standard cargo shorts and layered a light moderately-creamed-tea grey tank under a Hawaiian shirt whose leaves were of a similar mid-to-light unripened banana grey as his socks. Layers were practical, and also fashionable, right? And the tank top, which was patterned with little palm trees, was thematically in the same category as the Hawaiian shirt, and that was a fashion rule or something, he thought. Anyways, Russell decided, after trying it several ways, that he would leave it unbuttoned for now and then button it later if a wind blew up.

Appropriately attired and with his knapsack carrying a mix of money, snacks, sunscreen, and Jaws, the Californian made his way to the elevator. He was worried about being early, but he was more worried about being late, and as a result he managed to take a route through the passageways that was only slightly longer and slightly more winding than necessary. Standing waiting for the elevator was fortunately much easier than waiting at a Muggle elevator would have been, because RMI’s elevator seemed to know when it was needed and the doors opened within a few seconds of his arrival, but standing waiting for the elevator to go up was still hard, because he was in an enclosed space with weird overhead lighting and his brain was making its usual contributions -- what if the elevator breaks down and I’m stuck here forever and I go totally blind and have to eat Jaws to survive? no that’s silly, I’ll sacrifice myself to Jaws instead, he’s a very good mouse and probably has a lot left to accomplish in life -- plus all the new contributions that had been introduced to him more recently -- what if the chemicals in this shampoo are getting into the air contained in the elevator and I develop a respiratory disease? is it actually possible to lose one’s leg in an elevator accident? I mean, I made it through the door, so I should be fine now, right? and what even is a ‘shopping trip’, anyways? should I have brought a bigger bag in case we buy anything? will they ask me for opinions? oh God I hope not --

A small jerk and quiet ding announced his arrival, and the doors slid open. Russell tentatively got out, allowed himself a moment to breathe and appreciate that both of his legs were still there, and then headed down the rows of bookshelves and outside. His shoulders relaxed almost immediately as he saw how muted the light was. Clouds weren’t perfect and didn’t fix everything for him, but it was enough that he didn’t feel a spontaneous headache coming on, so that was great.

He spotted Holland almost immediately. Their clothes today had a lot of sparkly bits, and they looked sort of like a disco ball from a distance, just a mass of tiny piercing lights reflecting everywhere. Making sure to keep his head raised so as to face their face instead of their clothes, Russell waved back to them as he came over. “Hey.” He laughed a bit at their question, sort of a chuckle paired with a shrug. “Umm, just go with the wind, I guess? I’ve never done much shopping, well, not with other people,” he admitted, “so since you let me come along, I figured I’d just follow you.” Actually, now that he was thinking about it, both the first and last time that Russell had come up to Pearl Street to join a group hangout was when Marissa invited him along with her friends and they played the most embarrassing round of Truth or Dare that he had ever experienced. He’d come up a few times since then, but only alone, and only after sunset when he needed a change of scenery from the school.

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    • This is therapeutic? - Russell Drew, Mon Nov 13 13:42
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