Thank you for saving me
Tue Nov 21, 2017 16:17

Camilla was one of the older students that Claudia didn’t mind too much. She didn’t know her especially well, and while Claudia did her best to avoid the RMI grapevine, it was inevitable that some snippets of rumors would eventually reach her, and she heard such different accounts of Camilla that it was impossible to draw any conclusion that way. The only time they’d spent any amount of time alone together was when they had partnered for spellwork, and Claudia had fainted. It was embarrassing, but Camilla had seemed very supportive and understanding about the entire debacle. Obviously she was friends with Danny, too, but Danny was friends with just about everyone he met, so Claudia had never found that to be an acceptable way to judge whether or not she was likely to get along with a person.

Specifically in this instant, Camilla was familiar and non-threatening. She responded with politeness when Claudia invited her to go first, and she held the door open, and she smiled. She looked nice, except for her jeans, which were a terrible Muggle invention that Claudia would certainly never wear herself, and she obviously had sufficient money and taste to be selecting this particular store as a shopping destination. Deciding that sharing the shop floor with Camilla Baird was acceptable, Claudia graced the older girl with a small smile as she followed her into the boutique.

Inside the door was a trove of beautiful things: clothes and jewelery, trinkets and treasures, most of them individually crafted. Claudia often found something that held her interest, and so she had taken to visiting with some frequency. A well-dressed witch greeted them with a cheerful ‘good morning’ as the door closed behind Claudia. Again, she smiled in reply, but said nothing as she cast her eyes quickly around the vicinity - as much a habit borne of immediately identifying any threats and all possible escape routes whenever she entered a space, as to locate the one particular garment she’d come specifically to locate. It was hanging not far away: a vivid, aquamarine with white polka dots, inarguably more vibrant than anything else Claudia had ever owned, with a fitted bodice, short sleeves, and a full skirt that would only fall to her knees. It had a cute Peter Pan collar, and was nothing less than adorable. She approached it slowly, and reached out a manicured hand to gently stroke the fabric; it felt soft beneath her fingertips.

“I’ve been daring myself to try it on,” she whispered to Camilla. The shade was so bright, so bold, and the cut of the dress was so daring for someone who could barely admit that she had a figure, let alone show it off. The pale pink robe she was currently wearing was more or less shapeless, and it came down to her ankles and her wrists, concealing all of her. The blonde ringlets aged her backwards, too, she was sure of it; Claudia suspected she looked rather like a small child dreaming of growing up. She dropped her hand sharply and her cheeks darkened a little at the realisation. “I could never wear it,” she said, dismissively.

  • That would be weird - Camilla Baird, Mon Nov 20 00:35
    Camilla had been taught from an early age that a girl of her ancestry should always look her best, and as a neglected child she usually riveted in the occasions where her mother wanted to go shopping ... more
    • Thank you for saving me - Claudia, Tue Nov 21 16:17
      • You are welcome - Camilla, Tue Nov 21 17:27
        “Why not?” Camilla asked eyeing the dress the younger girl was obviously in love with. The older witch took a few steps towards Claudia. The boutique wasn't a big place, but you wouldn't realize it... more
        • What do you think? - Claudia, Wed Nov 22 14:16
          Camilla reached out to touch the fabric too. That was reassuring; Claudia liked to feel fabric beneath her fingers, to trail her hands along rails sometimes just to feel the enticing sensation of... more
          • I think a lot of things - Camilla, Wed Nov 22 17:27
            The blonde was excited to see that Claudia had obliged her request. She didn't seem to be offended by her slight pressure to try the dress on. From what she knew about Danny’s younger sister focused... more
            • Me too - Claudia, Tue Nov 28 11:49
              Claudia was by no means immune to flattery; she liked being told that she looked lovely. When Camilla said that she didn’t look like a girl anymore, however, two small spots of pink appeared high on... more
              • Excellent! - Camilla , Tue Nov 28 14:24
                Camilla had not been in any delusion on which shoes Claudia was going to choose. The blonde knew or, at least though she knew, how girls from Claudia’s upbringing thought. They looked for more... more
                • Wonderful! - Claudia, Wed Nov 29 17:24
                  Having extricated herself from the new dress and clothed herself once more in her original outfit for the day, Claudia took a few moments to tease her hair and eyebrows back into uniform neatness... more
                  • Amazing! - Camilla , Wed Nov 29 18:27
                    The Cetus was used to shop by herself. She had a very healthy self-esteem fueled by constant exercise and eating healthy most of the time, so she rarely sought validation on whether something looked... more
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