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Tue Nov 21, 2017 17:27

“Why not?” Camilla asked eyeing the dress the younger girl was obviously in love with. The older witch took a few steps towards Claudia. The boutique wasn't a big place, but you wouldn't realize it by the way everything was carefully set set. The blonde preferred stores where everything was right where it needed to be and you didn't have to fish around for what you wanted. No, Camilla preferred to have a sense of organization and clothes in a way where her eyes could easily catch something beautiful. When it came to shopping, the blonde preferred to have it easy. In fact, she had been quite pampered by personal shoppers thanks to Mrs. Randolph back in midterm. It had been deliciously lazy to have someone hand pick clothes for you to admire and try on in the comfort of your room.

Camilla looked at the dress that Claudia was admiring and smiled. The color was beautiful and it would look great on Claudia. The Cetus didn't know much about her fellow RMIer, and didn't know if any kind of pressure would be welcome by her, though considering their last one-on-one interaction Camilla was leaning towards no. The Cetus was an only child and she didn't know how to treat someone younger than her, though she thought she had done a superb job when Claudia had fainted in the middle of the merlinforsaken Spellwork class last year. It had been a rather awkward situation for the Cetus and she was sure it had also been for Claudia.

The blonde smiled at Danny’s younger sister, “You should try it on. I think it would look amazing on you,” she said with an encouraging smile tugging at her lips. The fact that Camilla had been dying to try on a midnight blue, pencil skirt strapless dress she had seen on display a few days ago had long been forgotten. The dress would be there later and if it didn't there would be another one to catch her eye. This boutique usually had more than one piece the blonde liked.

Camilla took a step towards the dress and gently stroked the soft fabric. She smiled to herself and tucked her blonde hair behind her right ear before looking at Claudia. “You definitely need to try this on, if only for you to feel how you feel with the dress on.” She nodded to no one in particular, grabbed the hanger with the dress on and passed it to Claudia. “It might be fun,” she pressed a bit more. She hoped Claudia wouldn't find it annoying to have someone you barely knew pressuring her into trying something on. Besides, Claudia needed some fashion guidance. There was nothing wrong with what she was wearing, but the girl wasn't an eleven-year old anymore. More importantly, there were individuals that had a rather interesting fashion sense at the school, and she would hate to see Claudia follow such hideous examples, starting from the lack of decorum coming from Danny’s girlfriend. The blonde shuddered.

  • Thank you for saving me - Claudia, Tue Nov 21 16:17
    Camilla was one of the older students that Claudia didn’t mind too much. She didn’t know her especially well, and while Claudia did her best to avoid the RMI grapevine, it was inevitable that some... more
    • You are welcome - Camilla, Tue Nov 21 17:27
      • What do you think? - Claudia, Wed Nov 22 14:16
        Camilla reached out to touch the fabric too. That was reassuring; Claudia liked to feel fabric beneath her fingers, to trail her hands along rails sometimes just to feel the enticing sensation of... more
        • I think a lot of things - Camilla, Wed Nov 22 17:27
          The blonde was excited to see that Claudia had obliged her request. She didn't seem to be offended by her slight pressure to try the dress on. From what she knew about Danny’s younger sister focused... more
          • Me too - Claudia, Tue Nov 28 11:49
            Claudia was by no means immune to flattery; she liked being told that she looked lovely. When Camilla said that she didn’t look like a girl anymore, however, two small spots of pink appeared high on... more
            • Excellent! - Camilla , Tue Nov 28 14:24
              Camilla had not been in any delusion on which shoes Claudia was going to choose. The blonde knew or, at least though she knew, how girls from Claudia’s upbringing thought. They looked for more... more
              • Wonderful! - Claudia, Wed Nov 29 17:24
                Having extricated herself from the new dress and clothed herself once more in her original outfit for the day, Claudia took a few moments to tease her hair and eyebrows back into uniform neatness... more
                • Amazing! - Camilla , Wed Nov 29 18:27
                  The Cetus was used to shop by herself. She had a very healthy self-esteem fueled by constant exercise and eating healthy most of the time, so she rarely sought validation on whether something looked... more
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