Marissa Kendrick
It can be!
Wed Nov 22, 2017 12:29

Marissa loved shopping.

It was less about spending money and getting things. Sure, that was nice when it happened, but the best part of shopping was doing it with other people. She loved trying things on, window shopping, and convincing other people to try something new. It was the best thing to get someone to try on something they may not have if they were shopping alone. Whether it was something silly, like everyone trying on the same footie pajamas, or something serious, like getting Danny to try on something not neon for once and being pleasantly surprised by the result, it was fun. She loved fun.

Holland was, by far, her favorite person to shop with. It was a stroke of genius to invite Russell; she’d been so happy when Holland agreed. She knew their shopping adventures were sacred bonding time, but she wanted Russell to feel part of the group. Plus, he could definitely benefit from a magical shopping day. Did he even know how cute and sweet he was? Maybe they’d find a nice new outfit for him to try. She fully believed that confidence stemmed from the inside, but looking great on a less than confident day always managed to help.

She’d chosen a cute but comfortable look for the day, with pink skinny jeans and a long mesh t-shirt with embroidery. Her sneakers were super comfy, and her hair was somewhat managed with a beret on top of her head. Her makeup took the most time. She could manage a nice look, but Holland was way better at it than her. Holland probably woke up and had a routine down to get their look in thirty minutes or less. Marissa didn’t have that yet, so she took extra time making her eyeliner as precise as possible, and she took great care in picking out the best nude lipstick. If she tried anything on today, she wanted to have as natural a makeup look as possible. Sometimes what you wear was dictated by the makeup you had on, and she didn’t want to try on something and decide she didn’t like it simply because it clashed with her look!

She thought she’d be on time, but she quickly realized that she took a little too long getting ready and was running a couple minutes late. Knowing Holland, they’d be early; she hoped that was still the case today. If Russell showed up to Pearl Street and didn’t see either of them, he’d probably bolt. She’d understand, of course, but it’d suck if that happened. She quickly grabbed a blue purse with golden stars and made her way to the Pearl Street elevator. Once she arrived, she saw Russell and Holland right away, and she caught the tail end of their conversation.

“I’ve never done much shopping, well, not with other people so since you let me come along, I figured I’d just follow you.”

“Hey, sorry I’m late,” Marissa said brightly, catching up to the two, “I thought it might be a good idea to go window shopping? The talent show is coming up, and all of us are doing something. It might be nice to have something new to wear for that. Thoughts?”

  • This is therapeutic? - Russell Drew, Mon Nov 13 13:42
    In retrospect, he should have asked Marissa if they could meet at RMI and go up to Pearl Street together. Unfortunately, this thought didn’t occur to Russell until he was sitting on the floor of his... more
    • It can be! - Marissa Kendrick, Wed Nov 22 12:29
      • You just need the right attitude - Holland, Mon Nov 27 23:17
        As he arrived and greeted them, Holland was impressed to see that Russell had put his hair up in a half bun. It looked good. Less good was his outfit, which included a blue and yellow Hawaiian shirt, ... more
        • I might need some help with that - Russell, Sat Dec 9 00:04
          “Hi,” he returned Marissa’s greeting, painfully aware of how lacking the greeting sounded compared to the redhead’s much more chipper entrance, but also feeling better now that she was with them. It... more
          • That's what we're for! - Marissa, Thu Dec 14 17:24
            “Yay!” Marissa cheered brightly, excited that her idea took hold. She loved the creative freedom that came with the talent show. It took her a while to figure out what she wanted to do, but... more
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