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Wed Nov 22, 2017 14:16

Camilla reached out to touch the fabric too. That was reassuring; Claudia liked to feel fabric beneath her fingers, to trail her hands along rails sometimes just to feel the enticing sensation of cool silk, followed by fine fur, then delicate embroidery alongside soft cashmere. She couldn’t wear an outfit if the fabric was not pleasing to touch, no matter how it looked. Camilla might not be as devoted to texture, but at least she understood enough that she felt the need to touch the dress, too.

The older girl encouraged her to try it on. Claudia allowed herself a small smile; she couldn’t talk herself into trying the dress, but she would happily allow someone else to talk her into it. She was flattered that Camilla thought the dress would look nice on her, and allowed herself to smile a little more as she indulged herself in the attention of another person. When Camilla suggested that she should try it on just to see how she felt it it, Claudia was convinced. It was a compelling argument, after all; if Claudia felt ridiculous wearing the dress then she wouldn’t feel at all compelled to buy it, regardless of how it looked. On the other hand, if wearing something so bold and beautiful causes her to feel empowered, then perhaps she should buy it; Merlin knew she could stand to have more self confidence.

“I think I will try it,” she said, still quietly, but she sounded pleased that Camilla had persuaded her. The third year lifted the dress on its hanger, and took it to the dressing room. With care not to cause to much distress to her own robes or hair, Claudia changed into the dress she had surreptitiously been admiring for at least a couple of weeks. She fastened it, and turned to admire her reflection. The bodice fitted beautifully, the fabric gently stretched over a shape that had not been there a couple of year previously. The skirt flowed out dramatically from her slim waist, and felt lighter than Claudia had imagined. Her current hairstyle didn’t go match all, and she was unaccustomed to showing so much of her legs, but overall she was pleased with the effect.

Poking her head around the door to ascertain whether Camilla was around to give an opinion, Claudia stepped from the dressing room, brushed the skirt out timidly, and performed a hesitant twirl.

“What do you think?” she asked the older girl. “And please be honest, I’d much rather know if it looks awful that believe a lie.” While Claudia would be delighted to hear that the dress looked as good on her as she felt wearing it, it would be no good whatsoever if she did decide to buy it, and subsequently to wear it where more people could see her, only to have them judge her and laugh at her. Claudia was perpetually paranoid those things were happening, and she hated it when her paranoia was fuelled by these circumstances actually occurring.

  • You are welcome - Camilla, Tue Nov 21 17:27
    “Why not?” Camilla asked eyeing the dress the younger girl was obviously in love with. The older witch took a few steps towards Claudia. The boutique wasn't a big place, but you wouldn't realize it... more
    • What do you think? - Claudia, Wed Nov 22 14:16
      • I think a lot of things - Camilla, Wed Nov 22 17:27
        The blonde was excited to see that Claudia had obliged her request. She didn't seem to be offended by her slight pressure to try the dress on. From what she knew about Danny’s younger sister focused... more
        • Me too - Claudia, Tue Nov 28 11:49
          Claudia was by no means immune to flattery; she liked being told that she looked lovely. When Camilla said that she didn’t look like a girl anymore, however, two small spots of pink appeared high on... more
          • Excellent! - Camilla , Tue Nov 28 14:24
            Camilla had not been in any delusion on which shoes Claudia was going to choose. The blonde knew or, at least though she knew, how girls from Claudia’s upbringing thought. They looked for more... more
            • Wonderful! - Claudia, Wed Nov 29 17:24
              Having extricated herself from the new dress and clothed herself once more in her original outfit for the day, Claudia took a few moments to tease her hair and eyebrows back into uniform neatness... more
              • Amazing! - Camilla , Wed Nov 29 18:27
                The Cetus was used to shop by herself. She had a very healthy self-esteem fueled by constant exercise and eating healthy most of the time, so she rarely sought validation on whether something looked... more
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