That's a diplomatic response
Sat Nov 25, 2017 09:53

It was easy for Rose to catch Danny’s discomfort when she mentioned having Marissa meet his mother, which she noted for the future, but didn’t say anything about. Marissa was a pureblood, technically, but her family definitely didn’t act like it, so Rose assumed that was Danny’s hold-up. Conversely, Rose’s family acted too much like purebloods all the time, which she supposed made her a better candidate for Danny’s hand in marriage or whatever. Not that she’d ever marry Danny. Not that she’d ever marry anyone. She had plans for her future, and they didn’t involve getting saddled with some guy and a bunch of whiny kids. Rose snorted at the suggestion of providing Danny’s mum with grandkids.

“Never going to happen,” she said lightly. “I don’t have enough patience. For you or any grandchildren for your mum.” The fact that Danny was dating Marissa, which made him off-limits, didn’t even need to be said.

“And no, I don’t discuss romance with my father,” Rose responded to Danny’s next question dryly. “He knows I’m not doing the arranged marriage nonsense, he’s got Connor for that. He just wants me out of my hair. I’ll just go to university year after next and be done with him.” Pending a scholarship, of course, but Rose was achieving top marks and was on the Quidditch team and had a job. She wasn’t good enough to be scouted, but she was pretty sure that her extracurriculars made her look well-rounded. All she had to do was get good marks on her exams, and she should be fine. Hopefully. Rose didn’t want to go to any of the fancy schools, she just wanted to go to a school with a good charms program. A school Marissa could go to as well.

“You’re a well-behaved pureblood boy though, no shenanigans for you,” she teased. “Stabbings aside, of course.” Rose was purely supportive of Marissa’s relationship with Danny, so long as Danny wasn’t too much of an idiot, but she was also supportive of Marissa perhaps taking it a little more slowly than she had with Ruben. Aside from the Ruben thing coming out of nowhere, and aside from Rose’s previous personal feelings about Ruben, it had been bad for Marissa and Rose was worried that if something similar happened with Danny it might ruin Marissa’s relationship with him irreparably.

  • I don’t dislike you - Danny, Wed Nov 8 15:41
    Danny offered Rose a consolatory grimace as she explained about Andy. It seemed like he was lucky to have not been hexed by Rose already for his apparent incompetence (although he supposed he had no... more
    • That's a diplomatic response - Rose, Sat Nov 25 09:53
      • It's a skill - Danny, Tue Nov 28 15:19
        Rose’s un-sugar-coated declaration that she didn’t have the patience for him caused danny to grin; even if she had noticed that he was avoiding introducing his mother to Marissa, she wasn’t going to... more
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