I can even say we're running in the right direction?
Thu Jan 19, 2017 23:26

The boy told Andres that he could talk as much as he wanted and it was like some spell had broken in some fairy tail about some chick who was sleeping, or was it the one with the long hair? Andres couldn't remember. He let out a nervous chuc kle and sigh and smiled. "Thanks, I'll try not to talk so fast, but I must warn you, they call me "La Boca" back at home, haha," Andres said, and then added quickly. "Haha, no they don't. They don't- that was a joke. Wait I'm talking fast again," he took a deep breath and exhaled. "Sorry, but yes I tend to talk a little too much, if you ask anyone that's close to me."

His eyes widened a little in excitement when he started to speak of home. "Florida is so great and fun and everything I love! It's just a melting pot of everything- well, South Florida at least," he laughed. "North Florida is full of old people in retirement homes and condos," he said snickering to himself. North Floridians were so rude and a little strange, if you asked Andres, but even if you didn't ask, Andres would probably tell you this anyway. "But anyways, we moved to California to help my grandmother- her house is bigger than ours so it gives her more problems as she's getting older."

Andres pursed his lips at the mention of his old school. "It was....okay- nothing compared to RMI. I didn't have a lot of friends, even though I was there for two years." Andres said, not really wanting to get into it. His old school had a lot of people that used to make fun of him and the teachers didn't care as much as the professors at RMI. As long as he was concerned, his home would always be Florida, but his school would always be RMI.

Upon hearing the other boy's suggestion to join Andres in a cafe, Andres blushed lightly and laughed. "Ah, uh, hahaha, yeah! Sure!" he said excitedly. Celeste's Cafe wasn't too far away and the boys reached it in a matter of minutes, conversing in small talk the entire journey. Brynjolf was definitely interesting, Andres thought, and he liked his hair, sorta like how he liked Elijah's hair. Not that he would say this out loud; although Andres considered himself kinda dumb when it came to talking people, he knew not to make the same mistake twice.

They made their way inside and upon entry, a smallish waitress greeted them from behind a desk. "Hi cuties!" she said smiling brightly, her curly blonde hair bouncing with every movement. "A table for two, I'm guessing? Ahh, I remember when I was your age," she said, leading them to their table. "But you look like you're 16 or 17, that was like three years ago for you," Andres said confused.

"HAHAHA, wow what a charmer, I wish I was that age," the lady said boisterously as she gave them menus to look at. "Soo~" she said, elongating the word in a suggestive manner. "How long have y'all been together?"

Andres looked at the menu, only at the menu, specifically at the menu, and solely at the menu. Head down, he kept reading the menu choices, pretending that he hadn't heard what the woman asked. Gulping silently, he quietly waited to see how Bryn would act.

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    “It’s not a big deal,” Bryn said with a smile, shrugging off the other third-years’ apology. He was used to people talking quickly or thinking that he heard them when he didn’t. It was what happened... more
    • I can even say we're running in the right direction? - Andres, Thu Jan 19 23:26
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