You just need the right attitude
Mon Nov 27, 2017 23:17

As he arrived and greeted them, Holland was impressed to see that Russell had put his hair up in a half bun. It looked good. Less good was his outfit, which included a blue and yellow Hawaiian shirt, burgundy zippered shorts, a red mesh fedora, and orange socks under sandals. Merlin’s books, if Holland and Marissa were going to fix Russell’s wardrobe, they really had their work cut out for them.

The simplest thing would be to look at the clothes Russell had, arrange them into complete, comprehensive outfits, and instruct him to wear only those articles together. But there were two problems with that. First, they’d only have the pieces Russell already owned to work with, and Holland was not impressed with what they’d seen over the last year and a half of being in classes with the fifth year. They could probably transfigure the colors and patterns into better designs, but it’d be a lot more work than just getting new, more fashionable clothing. Also, putting together full outfits for Russell wouldn’t make him learn how to put things together on his own. It was the difference between teaching someone to read by having them memorize words versus making sure they knew each letter. If they taught him how to know what colors and patterns looked good together, then he’d be able to dress himself, which was the goal.

After some consideration, Holland was internally debating whether the idea might be more appealing to Russell if it was presented in the form of a logic puzzle. Holland could write simple rules like “only one patterned item can be worn at a time” and “socks should not be worn with sandals.” Maybe they should include a color chart, but then they would have to label every item with its color, and any plan that involved teaching color theory to a colorblind person was overly complicated. If Holland really wanted to overcomplicate, they could probably devise something with runes, but they were inclined to just use a simple labeling system.

If Russell wanted to, anyway. Holland didn’t see why someone wouldn’t want to look their best, but then Russell didn’t always seem to get things that normal people did. The revelation that he had never really been shopping before was par for the course with him. Although he was still taking care of his hair, so perhaps there was hope for him after all.

Unsurprisingly, Russell had no idea what they were collectively doing on Pearl Street and Marissa had an actual agenda. Holland liked their yearmate’s idea as soon as she said it. Having been more focused on the routine itself, Holland hadn’t started planning their outfit for the talent show yet. It had taken a while, but Holland had finally chosen the music for their charms display. They were using “Vegvísir,” the third song on One Eyed Mermaid’s latest album, Reflections on the Milky Way. It was slightly less Celtic than most of their previous music, but the band had still taken full advantage of their fiddler’s skills in the song. Holland was using different colors of fire, sparks, well-timed spouts of water, conjured birds, and a few other pieces of showy wandwork in their act. They hadn’t planned on wearing anything especially elaborate, because their magic was the real star of the act, but it would be fun to have a new outfit for the talent show anyway.

“Sounds like a good plan to me,” Holland told Marissa. They proposed window shopping at the boutiques to find outfit inspiration, and then going to a thrift shop to find the clothes they would actually buy. Holland had Christmas money left over, but it never hurt to save money when they could. A few simple charms could restore even damaged secondhand clothing to near-mint condition.

Once they’d come to an agreement about where to go, the trio set off down Pearl Street. “How’s your routine coming along?” Holland asked both of their shopping companions. Besides the fact that it involved dancing, Holland hadn’t heard much specifically about Marissa and Russell’s routine.

  • It can be! - Marissa Kendrick, Wed Nov 22 12:29
    Marissa loved shopping. It was less about spending money and getting things. Sure, that was nice when it happened, but the best part of shopping was doing it with other people. She loved trying... more
    • You just need the right attitude - Holland, Mon Nov 27 23:17
      • I might need some help with that - Russell, Sat Dec 9 00:04
        “Hi,” he returned Marissa’s greeting, painfully aware of how lacking the greeting sounded compared to the redhead’s much more chipper entrance, but also feeling better now that she was with them. It... more
        • That's what we're for! - Marissa, Thu Dec 14 17:24
          “Yay!” Marissa cheered brightly, excited that her idea took hold. She loved the creative freedom that came with the talent show. It took her a while to figure out what she wanted to do, but... more
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