Tue Nov 28, 2017 14:24

Camilla had not been in any delusion on which shoes Claudia was going to choose. The blonde knew or, at least though she knew, how girls from Claudia’s upbringing thought. They looked for more classic looks, looks that wouldn’t necessarily put them in the spotlight, and Camilla understood, especially since she thought similarly. Though the difference was that her upbringing while similar to Claudia’s had a key aspect that set them apart. Camilla had more freedom when it came to her life than the younger witch. The blonde had experimented with fashion a bit during her teenage years, and she had settled on a more modernish conservative look, or so she liked to think had. Yes, Camilla wore pants and jeans, because they were more comfortable and showed off her legs, but she was a sucker for dresses and skirts. They had a unique charm.

The Cetus smiled at Claudia. The younger witch seemed to light up under the idea of getting the outfit, especially after she announced she had a cardigan she could wear the dress with. Camilla was sure Claudia could pull the dress without the cardigan, though the blonde remembered being her age and shuddered internally. It had been an awkward phase. “Sound perfect!” she commented excitedly as she put the gold shoes back where they belonged. Camilla patted them as if trying to make them feel better for not being chosen, but Claudia would inevitably (she hoped!) move to high heels later in life. Camilla hummed to herself while idly perusing the racks of beautiful clothes.

And then she saw it.

Camilla smiled to herself as grabbed the dress she had just spotted. The blonde hadn't really had anything in mind to try on, she had seen a dress the other day, but she main reason she had come to the boutique was to distract herself from something she didn't really know what it was. It had been a feeling that had taken her today. And what a damn good feeling it had been!

The blonde took the dress from where it was hanging and giggled to herself. This was amazing! Her obsession with her current find was interrupted by Claudia’s question. Her hazel-eyes looked up. The younger witch was still in the changing room.

“I had seen a dress I liked, but it wasn't really calling my name,” she said and waited for Claudia to come out. When she did, Camilla showed her the”>dress she had stumbled upon and wanted to try even when she didnt really have an ocassion to wear in the near future. The blonde began planning the whole outfit in her mind, a pair of pearl earrings, her hair would be in a updo and her makeup would be light, but the centerpiece would be the shade of lipstick color.

“What do you think?” she asked excited. Camilla had no idea what Claudia would think of her fashion choice really hoping she would like it as much as she did, though if Claudia didn't like it it would be okay. Her opinion wouldn't really deter her mind now. She just needed to find an occasion to wear it. She made a mental note to ask Mrs. Randolph is anything important was coming up, and maybe she would have an opinion on the earrings. Camilla wasn't really set on the pearls, she could be persuaded into using something else. Mrs. Randolph had amazing jewellry.

  • Me too - Claudia, Tue Nov 28 11:49
    Claudia was by no means immune to flattery; she liked being told that she looked lovely. When Camilla said that she didn’t look like a girl anymore, however, two small spots of pink appeared high on... more
    • Excellent! - Camilla , Tue Nov 28 14:24
      • Wonderful! - Claudia, Wed Nov 29 17:24
        Having extricated herself from the new dress and clothed herself once more in her original outfit for the day, Claudia took a few moments to tease her hair and eyebrows back into uniform neatness... more
        • Amazing! - Camilla , Wed Nov 29 18:27
          The Cetus was used to shop by herself. She had a very healthy self-esteem fueled by constant exercise and eating healthy most of the time, so she rarely sought validation on whether something looked... more
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