It's a skill
Tue Nov 28, 2017 15:19

Roseís un-sugar-coated declaration that she didnít have the patience for him caused danny to grin; even if she had noticed that he was avoiding introducing his mother to Marissa, she wasnít going to say anything about it, at least not for the time being. It wasnít that Danny was in any way ashamed of Marissa (quite the opposite, in fact: he couldnít really quite believe that she was dating him, and only him, in an exclusive, semi-serious, long term capacity), but he was tied to certain restrictions and expectations - even if the rules had the potential to be bent a little in the future, nothing about that was certain yet, and Danny hadnít exactly discussed this with any of his friends, anyway - and he assumed Rose understood that, especially as anything less would have no doubt sent her into an indignant fury in defense of her best friend. One of Roseís finest qualities was her devotion to Marissa.

Her mention of Connor interested Danny more than it usually would have done. He had a limited amount of interest in his friendsí siblings; he liked Kit because she was entertainingly unpredictable, and he knew her best due to her involvement in his Quidditch team, but he didnít really have strong feelings in either direction on Roseís brothers. They seemed a great deal more inclined to conform to societal expectations than their sister, and the youngest of them seemed unnecessarily ill-tempered, but otherwise Danny knew nothing much about them past very occasional anecdotes Rose shared about her turbulent relationship with her family. Therefore a passing mention of Connorís probable future arranged marriage would normally have passed his notice as being unexceptional, except that Danny knew (where Rose apparently did not) that their siblings were some sort of quantifiable item together. He wondered for the briefest moment whether their budding alignment might some day develop into a betrothal, but he dismissed his musing easily, due to its being entirely unpredictable at this juncture, and the notion that Rose might be his future sister-in-law being entirely unsettling.

The following comment about Danny being precisely who he was further supported his theory that Rose had made correct assumptions about Marissaís non-existent invitation to the family breakfast. ďThatís me, shenanigan free,Ē he agreed, holding his hands up in surrender. Really he was doing an excellent impression of meeting all his family (and wider society)ís high standards, and had been for most of his life, with very little deviation. At school he accomplished admirable grades easily, and did his best to appear respectable, only breaking rules for the occasional secret party, and the one-off afore-mentioned stabbing incident aside (though it was definitely always worth noting that he had been victim of the stabbing, not perpetrator). At home the story was retold: he only drank alcohol behind closed doors and only kissed girls when their parents couldnít see them. It was, he was coming to understand, how a lot of people in his situation lived their lives. It was perhaps not ideal, but there were so many comforts and advantages that he wasnít prepared to trade for a life that granted him complete freedom. He doubted such a thing really existed, anyway.

  • That's a diplomatic response - Rose, Sat Nov 25 09:53
    It was easy for Rose to catch Dannyís discomfort when she mentioned having Marissa meet his mother, which she noted for the future, but didnít say anything about. Marissa was a pureblood,... more
    • It's a skill - Danny, Tue Nov 28 15:19
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