Wed Nov 29, 2017 18:27

The Cetus was used to shop by herself. She had a very healthy self-esteem fueled by constant exercise and eating healthy most of the time, so she rarely sought validation on whether something looked good on her or not, but the idea of mutual validation wasn't so crazy to the blonde. Se liked the idea, but if she was honest the validation of a thirteen-year old wasn't as satisfactory as having it from someone her age or a bit older. However, she had loved the feeling that had erupted inside of her as Claudia had taken her advice so freely. She liked spending these few minutes with Danny’s sister.

Camilla grinned when Claudia casually commented on her figure and took it as a compliment. She worked hard on being healthy and it nice to have people comment on it, even if she didn't need to feel good about herself. The blonde waited for Claudia’s opinion on the dress she was already planning on trying and purchasing. The blonde was vain enough to think that it would look amazing on her. If she was honest, her ego had been constantly fed by her mother which was okay with her. She had good genes.

The Cetus smiled in response to Claudia’s approval, she was glad she liked it. “Pureblood society has a myriad of opportunities to wear this dress,” she said out loud as her eyes went back to the dress in her arms. “Besides, Claudia, you should always aim to stand out instead of being lost in the crown,” she finished her musings. The third-year RMIer seemed like the kind of girl that preferred to be part of the crowd instead of standing out, and that was great. Some people preferred it that way, just like she had before she had actually being introduced in society. It was empowering to have people fawn over you for your looks or the kind of connections you could provide. Though it was hard to maintain your feet on the ground, and Camilla had not forgotten how much people had made her suffer over her origins.

The Cetus looked at Claudia, “Yes I am,” she answered her question.

The saleslady suddenly appeared and Camilla gave her the gown to be placed inside one of the dressing rooms. She would start her Shopping Time in a minute or so.

“You can stay with me if you want,” she said with a smile. “Though I won't be offended if you don't. I usually take a while between trying it on, adding accessories and shoes,” she finished. Camilla wasn't going to make Claudia stay by her side if she didn't want to do it or if she had other things to attend to.

  • Wonderful! - Claudia, Wed Nov 29 17:24
    Having extricated herself from the new dress and clothed herself once more in her original outfit for the day, Claudia took a few moments to tease her hair and eyebrows back into uniform neatness... more
    • Amazing! - Camilla , Wed Nov 29 18:27
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