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Sat Dec 9, 2017 00:04

“Hi,” he returned Marissa’s greeting, painfully aware of how lacking the greeting sounded compared to the redhead’s much more chipper entrance, but also feeling better now that she was with them. It was awkward to arrive before the person who had invited him along was even there. This year - well, this month-ish, specifically - was the first that he and Holland had really spent much time together. It was going as well as could be expected, or better, really, considering how different they were in every way, but still Russell wasn’t sure that they counted as friends. The fact that Marissa liked him had been hard enough to wrap his confused brain around; Holland was on another level entirely. They weren’t acting like they didn’t want him here today, but surely they didn’t want him there as much as Marissa did for whatever reason.

...Oh. Their talent show act. Okay, that was a good reason. The topic of costuming hadn’t yet come up, since their practice time together had so far been mostly spent either choreographing to their chosen music or actually practicing and drilling down the patterns. More of the latter than the former at this time of year, since they were getting close to showtime. (Although, the closer they got, the more particular Russell had discovered himself getting as well, becoming more outspoken on what adjustments he thought they needed, but that still counted more as practicing than choreographing.) They had such different dance styles that, despite Marissa being an amazing dancer and him being an okay one, a lot of practice was necessary to get it meshing right. He hadn’t even thought about what he would wear yet. Certainly nothing beyond his usual attire. Did outfit planning even matter? People would be paying more attention to the dance than their clothes anyways. Right?

But Holland seemed to agree with Marissa that outfit planning was a good idea, so Russell resigned himself to his assumption not being right (an easy resignation to make, really) and nodded along. He didn’t have anything to contribute to the following short debate on where to start, because he hadn’t exactly gone clothes shopping on Pearl Street before, but the lack of contribution from him worked out fine, because the other two had enough ideas to make up for it. He fiddled with the buttons on his comfortably loose-fitting shirt, waiting for them to decide and offering a “Sure” when it seemed like they were waiting for his opinion (why??), and then following along, sort of behind them but sort of between them, too. Window shopping was a strange concept, but thrifting was also a strange concept, so it would work together fine, probably definitely since Holland definitely knew what they were doing.

“Pretty good, I think,” Russell answered them, casting an only slightly hesitant glance towards Marissa as if to confirm that she agreed. “It’s been kinda hard, since we dance so differently, but I think we have something that works now... Once we fix the ending,” he concluded with a sound that was more of a genuine laugh than a forced one but still not perfect because how did people laugh in a genuine way anyways. Remembering that duh Holland would have no idea what he was referencing, he explained, “Marissa has awesome ideas, but my style is… It’s better suited to a rougher finish. Like, sudden stop. That’s fair?” he checked with Marissa, not wanting to stomp over her when she could absolutely just speak for herself instead.

While listening to the conversation continue, his gaze wandered, and he noticed that the store they were passing now had a fancier version of that one-piece clothes item he’d been gifted last year. Russell had only worn it a few times, and only when he didn’t expect to have much human interaction, because he was fairly certain that it required a specific type of physique to be worn properly and look good or whatever. And his physique was more like “skinny”. Just skinny. And tall. Like a streetlamp except with the lightbulb smashed out. Regardless, his pace automatically slowed as he looked it over, noting the striped material and what looked like a snugger fit, at least on the mannequin that had a real physique - and then he realized he was lagging behind, and picked up his pace, tuning back in properly.

  • You just need the right attitude - Holland, Mon Nov 27 23:17
    As he arrived and greeted them, Holland was impressed to see that Russell had put his hair up in a half bun. It looked good. Less good was his outfit, which included a blue and yellow Hawaiian shirt, ... more
    • I might need some help with that - Russell, Sat Dec 9 00:04
      • That's what we're for! - Marissa, Thu Dec 14 17:24
        “Yay!” Marissa cheered brightly, excited that her idea took hold. She loved the creative freedom that came with the talent show. It took her a while to figure out what she wanted to do, but... more
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