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Thu Dec 14, 2017 17:24

“Yay!” Marissa cheered brightly, excited that her idea took hold. She loved the creative freedom that came with the talent show. It took her a while to figure out what she wanted to do, but partnering with Russell was the best plan ever. Plus, she got to pick hair and makeup and costumes. In a scripted show, all of that was mostly dictated for you. It’s what made lots of scripted plays and musicals so damn boring.

She and Holland came up with a course of action for shopping, and the red-head beamed. She stepped between her two friends so she was walking in the middle. Then, she slipped her arms through theirs. One arm looped around Holland’s, and the other looped around Russell’s. Even though the two of them weren’t necessarily the most physically affectionate people at Rocky Mountain International, but they were friends with Marissa Kendrick. Her habits of expressing her fondness through physical contact was nothing new. They were, of course, allowed to pull away if they wanted, and she wouldn’t push it further. It was just nice to walk down Pearl Street, arm in arm with friends.

Holland asked how the talent show act was going, and Russell answered positively. She smiled and nodded when he looked at her for confirmation. “Yeah, totally,” she chimed in, “His style is incredible, Holland. It’s like some kind of force of nature. Nothing like my modern or contemporary stuff at all. But I think it works. And we’re so close to figuring out the ending.”

She’d considered adding tap into their routine, since the rhythmic style fit Russell’s just a little more. Whatever they ended up with, she knew they were gonna bring the house down. Plus, the Cetus was just so confident when he danced. She could not wait to help other people see that side of him! Now that he was getting comfortable with Holland, she just knew Russell would start making more and more friends. This talent show thing was gonna surprise people.

“How’s your’s going?” She asked Holland. “Brilliant, I’m sure, because you’re you.”

That reminded her that another reason she wanted to go to Pearl Street was to try and figure out little gifts she could get the people participating in the talent show. She loved putting together a“brek a leg” trinkets for people. She didn’t exactly know what Russell liked, but he was her partner, and she was absolutely going to get him something sweet. Flowers were always a good route, but she didn’t know if he liked those. She could always get him something for Jaws; maybe they’d stop by one of the pet shops on Pearl Street after they did clothes shopping.

Hold on. Marissa felt Russell slow down, then speed back up to match their pace. She blinked and turned her head. “What did you see?” She glanced up and down the windows with excited eyes, trying to figure it out. “Something you liked? If you see something you like, you gotta tell us to stop. That’s the whole point of window shopping; you have to stop and look. What was it?"

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    “Hi,” he returned Marissa’s greeting, painfully aware of how lacking the greeting sounded compared to the redhead’s much more chipper entrance, but also feeling better now that she was with them. It... more
    • That's what we're for! - Marissa, Thu Dec 14 17:24
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