Nick Holtz
Getting my superhero on
Sat Jan 21, 2017 08:41

Sweaty, Nick squirted water into his mouth from his silver-gray waterbottle as he walked out of the front doors of Pearl Street Dance & Fitness, waving to Jennie, who was working the front desk today, as he did. With a plain navy drawstring bag slung over his right shoulder, wearing gray sweats and a loose white t-shirt with some sort of light blue logo on it, the blonde looked no different from any of the other students meandering out of the studio after class. He was, however, the only one heading back to a magical school after class. Or at least, he was pretty sure; he hadn’t seen Marissa around yet today and their studio time only overlapped every so often. Nick assumed it was because she was taking different classes at school than he was, so her free time was different.

Scrubbing a hand through his blonde hair, making it stick up, Nick tucked his water bottle into the drawstring bag and wandered back to the main strip of Pearl Street Mall. He didn’t go directly to Lighthouse Books, because he didn’t need his classmates following him and wondering why he went into a weird bookstore every time they left class. So instead of taking a left when he reached the main strip, he turned right towards the comic book store. Nick was perfectly fine with his dance classmates knowing he was a complete nerd, and he wanted to get Frankie something anyway. It was October, which meant that a new booster set was out for Magic the Gathering, and Nick wanted to pick up some boosters for himself and his best friend.

For as often as Nick went up to Pearl Street, the seventh year always made sure he had cash on hand in both wizarding and Muggle money. The comic book shop was a Muggle one, so when he had picked up the packs he wanted and took them up to the counter, he was careful to pull the paper money out of his pocket, leaving the galleons, sickles, and knuts clinking on their own. He didn’t understand why wizards insisted on using clunky bits of metal instead of paper, but that was a separate issue.

Now that he had gotten his gift for Frankie, Nick strode out of the shop, small plastic bag with Fantastic Realities Comics emblazoned in red and navy on the front of it. He hadn’t gotten more than six steps away from the store when he saw another RMI student coming his way.

“Hey!” Nick said enthusiastically. “What are you up to?”

    • Need a sidekick? - Holland Keene, Mon Jan 23 13:18
      The University of Boulder was having a lecture with Jamila Joon, the most thorough Muggle conspiracy theorist Holland regularly read. She wrote mostly about the extremes of publication bias in... more
      • Who doesn't! - Nick, Tue Jan 24 08:29
        “Sure!” Nick said enthusiastically as Holland suggested they get ice cream. He was a fan of Finnigan’s Flavors (well, who wasn’t) and the weather was perfect for ice cream. “Gimme a sec though,” the... more
        • Spiderman usually works alone - Holland, Tue Jan 24 17:32
          While they waited for Nick to put his bag in his other bag, Holland examined their nails, which were polished a dark red color. It was one of the products they were workshopping for Mom, and they’d... more
          • That's because nobody likes him - Nick, Wed Jan 25 10:32
            Nick laughed. Of course Frankie had tried to recruit everyone in Lyra. His best friend was possibly more into Magic than he was, which was pretty impressive. Nick loved playing Magic the Gathering.... more
            • Which superhero are you? - Holland, Wed Jan 25 16:36
              “As long as there isn’t too much math, I like board games.” They liked Catan, which their Muggle cousins had been obsessed with for the past few years. The point system wasn’t too complicated and... more
              • “Don’t let me knock you off your broom,” Nick said with a laugh at Holland’s request for advice. If he had thought about it, Nick probably would have remembered that Holland had been on reserves for... more
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