Holland Keene
Third time’s the charm [Danny]
Sat Feb 10, 2018 13:35

Finnigan’s Flavors wasn’t as tailored to the two of them as their first two dates had been. Danny had, at the end of that long conversation in the passage outside the History of Magic classroom, picked stargazing on the Pitch for their first date. He had brought a picnic and it was… really nice. Nice enough that there had been a small risk of a Head Student and a Prefect being caught cuddling on the Quidditch Pitch after curfew. Nice enough that they’d decided to go out again.

Holland had chosen laser tagging for the second date; it was competitive and fun, and Holland was sure that Danny had never done it before. It was also in a Muggle part of Boulder, which accommodated some of Danny’s concerns while also not being literally underground. They’d gotten lunch after laser tag (Holland had the higher kill-death ratio but Danny had scored more points overall), and in addition to normal conversation had a chance to discuss more important things that were becoming relevant. Danny had brought up a betrothal offer he’d received; he wasn’t planning to accept it right now and had agreed to tell Holland first if he changed his mind, so they felt there wasn’t much to talk about further. Holland had offered to discuss their assigned sex if Danny needed to. It was the kind of conversation they wanted to have early in a relationship. They hadn’t expected many questions—he’d known them between the ages of eleven and seventeen so he probably had some idea, despite Holland’s guardedness about the subject—but they had still been prepared to talk about hormones and other things if necessary.

Danny had declined, though. Holland hadn’t realized they’d been apprehensive about the conversation until Danny reaffirmed that biology didn’t change anything for him, at which point Holland noticed the past-tense tension in their shoulders by its sudden disappearance. The Serious Discussion portion of the date thus quickly concluded, the pair had gone back to discussing Muggle currency and goblin influence on the exchange rate, which were more interesting topics anyway.

For the third date, Danny had suggested ice cream on Pearl Street. The mid-October weather was still warm enough for ice cream, although Holland had elected to wear a midnight green blazer over their mustard yellow blouse. They had also chosen grey wedge heels that made them slightly taller than Danny, although that fact wasn’t apparent as they sat across from each other in one of the booths at Finnigan’s Flavors.

“So,” Holland said, after the penultimate bite of their Invisible ice cream. It tasted a little bit like almonds, or honeysuckle, or campfire smoke. They scraped their plastic spoon against the side of their dish to get the last of the silvery metallic melted ice cream. “We’re… here.” Holland had understood why he’d picked Finnigan’s Flavors at once when he suggested it, and even though Danny had seemed nervous earlier they appreciated the gesture: he had chosen a wizarding space, an obvious date place, outside of RMI, on a weekend afternoon. “Is this the part where we talk about what we’re doing?”

    • I've plenty of charm - Dardanius Dubois, Sat Feb 10 17:51
      Danny had dated before, but nothing with anywhere near as high-stakes as his first two dates with Holland. There were the usual concerns, about them not working out, about it potentially being weird... more
      • I’m better at transfiguration - Holland, Sun Feb 11 01:26
        Dating Danny was going well enough—Holland had had fun on the last two dates, and they were still having fun, right now—talking to Danny was so easy, and felt so natural ; Holland hadn’t been... more
        • I see what you did there - Dardanius, Sun Feb 11 07:14
          “I almost wish I could say I wasn’t interested,” Holland said as Danny’s heart tried to beat its way up into his throat. It was a valid point: it would be so much easier to abandon this folly and... more
          • He was right: it was insane. It was insane that just over a year ago the two of them had discussed how he felt dating Marissa would be too antithetical to his upbringing; that two years ago he had... more
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