Dardanius Dubois
I've plenty of charm
Sat Feb 10, 2018 17:51

Danny had dated before, but nothing with anywhere near as high-stakes as his first two dates with Holland. There were the usual concerns, about them not working out, about it potentially being weird trying to date after being friends for so long, and then more unique considerations, about eventually telling his friends he wasn’t as straight as maybe they’d all thought. That actually had all worked out more or less okay. Marissa seemed genuinely supportive of her friends’ pursuit, which meant that Rose had no (current) reason to cause Danny physical injury. Emmett… well, he hadn’t physically injured Danny yet, either, so that had really gone as well as anyone could have hoped. The sixth year seemed surprised by the revelation, but then that was fair, as neither Danny nor Holland had told Emmett about their conversation back in April. Danny could remember a previous talk with Holland about how Rose and Emmett’s relationship seemed to have begun without warning. The irony was not lost on him.

Evaluated against a similar scale of acceptability, their first two dates had been satisfying, and enjoyable, but not… not perfect. Danny couldn’t shake the feeling that Holland was holding back for some reason. He was trying hard not to promote secrecy of their relationship, especially as that was something he knew was difficult for Holland, but the less convinced he became of Holland’s commitment, the less keen he was to be more open about the thing he wasn’t sure was going anywhere.

Having over-thought this a lot, Danny concluded that maybe Holland was having the same reservations, but in reverse. So for the third date, he’d apprehensively suggested what was defensively a popular dating paradigm in the magical part of Pearl Street. He wasn’t entirely comfortable with the venue, but they’d sat in a booth near the back, out of the way, and he didn’t think he was imagining that Holland’s demeanour had altered. Danny had been planning to discuss their apparent restraint, but by the time he was almost done with his rainbow sorbet he no longer felt it necessary. The conversation had flowed easily, their jeans-encased legs had gently collided beneath the table with more frequency than could be alloted to chance, and soon Danny wasn’t even aware of the other people around them.

Then, “So,” Holland said, and while his stomach did a quick somersault of anticipation, Danny didn’t feel uneasy. “Is this the part where we talk about what we’re doing?”

“I guess so,” he replied, finding a comfortable mid-ground between irresponsibly flippant and unnecessarily anxious. He felt like he had started this exhibition way back in April, so perhaps he ought to be the first to confirm his current stance. Pushing his empty dish to the edge of the table, Danny laid his arm - bare from the point to which he’d rolled up the sleeves of his plum-colored shirt - on the tabletop, inviting Holland to take his hand. This was it, then. “Three dates isn’t enough to tell how you feel about someone,” he started, hoping that his tendency to misplace crucial words at times of high importance would not hinder him (even though experience led him to believe otherwise), “but six years can give you a pretty good idea.” He smiled across at Holland, meeting their gaze.

After a short pause, Danny confessed, “I’m nervous. I do worry that this won’t work out for some reason, and that - yeah, it’s something that crosses my mind. Still, I think it’s worth it.” It helped that this was true: Holland was worth this uncertainty. “To take the risk.” Saying the words was easy when he was closer to being certain they felt the same way. He exhaled, feeling calm and excited, restless but fully focussed.

“So are you in?”

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    • I've plenty of charm - Dardanius Dubois, Sat Feb 10 17:51
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