I see what you did there
Sun Feb 11, 2018 07:14

“I almost wish I could say I wasn’t interested,” Holland said as Danny’s heart tried to beat its way up into his throat. It was a valid point: it would be so much easier to abandon this folly and accept Elinor’s solicitation. Within two years, he could be settled in an enviable marriage, securing his family’s name and fortune, fulfilling his obligations and probably living quite contentedly. However whenever he considered betrothal, Danny’s first (and only) thought was that if he were to spend the rest of his life with anyone, it wouldn't be Elinor. Yes, they could take the easier route, but then he wouldn’t see Holland every day. He wouldn’t talk to them about anything and everything, and be comforted by their touch. He wouldn’t kiss Holland goodnight ever again. “If you’re in, then so am I.”

Danny savoured the moment: the positivism in Holland’s blue-green eyes, the muted blush beneath their flawless makeup, the sublime pressure of their hand in his. His smile broadened and evolved into a short laugh, his euphoria unwilling to be contained. “I acknowledge it’s insane,” Danny said. They hadn’t, despite Holland’s assurance that it would happen on the second date, figured out how to overthrow the patriarchy yet, but Dardanius suspected either that or some version of disownment was now a fixed feature on his horizon. “I think you’re insane for agreeing to this,” he told Holland with a chuckle. Their preparedness to join him in this farcical venture, for the sole prize of claiming Danny as their own, was more flattering than anything they could have said to him. Danny’s willingness to let them unveiled how unappealing was the alternative: a turbulent future with Holland was preferable to any future without them. “I want it. I want you.”

In case they were still in any doubt of his sincerity, or still had concerns about his hesitancy, and because he could think of nothing he would rather do at that moment, Danny leaned over the table to kiss Holland, at an obvious date place, outside of RMI, on a weekend afternoon.

  • I’m better at transfiguration - Holland, Sun Feb 11 01:26
    Dating Danny was going well enough—Holland had had fun on the last two dates, and they were still having fun, right now—talking to Danny was so easy, and felt so natural ; Holland hadn’t been... more
    • I see what you did there - Dardanius, Sun Feb 11 07:14
      • He was right: it was insane. It was insane that just over a year ago the two of them had discussed how he felt dating Marissa would be too antithetical to his upbringing; that two years ago he had... more
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