Then I need to practice Disillusionment Charms
Tue Feb 13, 2018 02:12

He was right: it was insane. It was insane that just over a year ago the two of them had discussed how he felt dating Marissa would be too antithetical to his upbringing; that two years ago he had been worried about kissing girls. It was absolutely preposterous that he was sitting here holding their hand after every consideration that had to be made, after every discussion they had had about potential repercussions. And yet Holland couldn’t help grinning back at Danny.

I think you’re insane for agreeing to this.” Holland had to laugh. They were fairly sure that their sanity—not just about this—had never not been called into question by their friends. Holland said a lot of things that most people (except Emmett, who always accepted what they said as fact) thought were crazy, about the government and aliens. They didn’t mind if people thought what they believed was crazy, because they knew they were right. This time, Holland was inclined to agree with popular opinion. In terms of actual action, dating Danny was possibly the craziest thing they had ever done, but if they were insane for agreeing to this then Danny was doubly so for suggesting and going along with it.

They were going to joke “what, just because of this?”, but then Danny said three words that made Holland forget, momentarily, the five words they’d been preparing to say. And most words, overall, among other effects. It was a little bit like the feeling they got when they were doing their Animagus transformation and had to transfigure their organs into smaller, more fluid versions; everything inside them had melted like the liquid-mercury remains of their ice cream.

Then their boyfriend leaned forward, and every thought that wasn’t about kissing Dardanius Dubois disappeared.

  • I see what you did there - Dardanius, Sun Feb 11 07:14
    “I almost wish I could say I wasn’t interested,” Holland said as Danny’s heart tried to beat its way up into his throat. It was a valid point: it would be so much easier to abandon this folly and... more
    • Then I need to practice Disillusionment Charms - Holland, Tue Feb 13 02:12
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