Claudia Dubois
For redemption?
Sat Mar 3, 2018 16:17

Despite the fact that they had obviously spoken to each other in the many weeks they had been back at school since the summer, Claudia had spent nowhere near as much time with Connor recently as she had in the past. It was awkward, because she had broken off their arrangement following his unsavoury dealings with Drew Tennant in the commonroom, with which Claudia wanted to claim no association, and they had not really discussed this since. Therefore while Claudia was not necessarily averse to continuing her friendship with Connor - without the more exclusive benefits of their previous understanding, naturally - they had no point of mutual understanding on which to base their interactions. Claudia was devoid of friends at school this term, so when she received an owl from Connor asking her to meet and discuss those very same events that had contributed to their relative estrangement, she was by no means in opposition to the proposal.

Claudia arrived a couple of minutes later than the appointed 2pm, arriving precisely when she intended to. She soon spotted Connor in the cafe, and he had seen her too: he stood to pull out her seat, reminding Claudia what a perfect example of politeness he embodied, almost all of the time. “Good afternoon, Connor” she greeted him cordially, when they were both seated. Claudia had spent an obscene amount of time deciding what to wear. Whilst she had seen Connor often enough in school - they were in the same year and House, and two of the same classes, so their paths were bound to cross with some frequency - this was the first time they would meet specifically to talk to each other since Claudia had called an end to their arrangement. She needed to look perfect.

Naturally the fourth year wanted to look completely desirable, but without appearing like that was her goal, or that it had, in fact, even crossed her mind. She had also been experimenting with bolder shades and less conservative styles since she had been together with Connor, and while Claudia was addicted to the confidence she derived from figure-fitting ensembles, she wasn’t certain that Connor would appreciate her more mature presentation. She momentarily considered reverting to her pastels and long hems before remembering that she didn’t care at all for Connor’s good opinion, and she would wear whatever outfit she pleased. Besides, if he didn’t appreciate the scarlet dress with lace bodice and butterfly motif on its skirt (accompanied by a co-ordinating peplum cardigan and velvet boots to protect her from the cooling Fall weather) or the red slash of lipstick standing out from her otherwise natural make-up, it made him a terrible judge of fashion, but it made little difference to Claudia.

Connor launched directly into an apology for all his dealings with Andrew Tennant the year previous, to which Claudia listened in silence and with patience. Connor finished a rapidly spoken paragraph and sipped his drink just as a waiter approached their table, whereupon Claudia ordered a lapsang souchong and considered what she might reply. “Thank you for your apology,” she said after only a short pause. She was not certain how much else to say: should she ask why it had taken him so long to make his apology to her? Should she ask whether he upheld beliefs pertaining to the comments he had purportedly made? Should she admit that she had been horrendously lonely the past several months, and held him partially responsible for her melancholy? She had felt so comfortable with Connor; so valued and respected. Now she just felt wretched. If she had not requested a beverage moments ago, she might had quit the establishment that moment. “Might I enquire what prompted you to make it?

  • Looking for another chance - Connor Farnon, Fri Mar 2 17:33
    It was past time and done for Connor to have apologized to Claudia for his actions last year and he knew it, but it was so hard to start. He didn’t feel as though a written apology would suffice,... more
    • For redemption? - Claudia Dubois, Sat Mar 3 16:17
      • A redemption arc would be nice, yeah - Connor, Sat Mar 3 16:38
        There was a pause after Connor stopped talking, wherein Claudia ordered a drink from the waiter that had (in?)conveniently appeared. In that pause, Connor was able to notice the things he had been... more
        • You are asking too much - Claudia, Sun Mar 4 12:01
          Claudia wasn’t sure she wanted to hear from Connor until he spoke. The first thing that he said was what she would have imagined: he acknowledged that he had behaved inappropriately and disappointed... more
          • What about a mini-arc - Connor, Sat Mar 10 12:34
            Connor let out a breath he hadn’t known he was holding when Claudia accepted that he had been addressing his faults, and voiced that she believed it would not happen again. It was a nice thing to... more
            • That sounds acceptable - Claudia, Sat Mar 10 14:27
              Connor’s countenance as he delivered yet another apology was persuasively sincere. As for her preferring the company of somebody who was more collected, she would own that a sane and rational... more
              • Let's go for that then - Connor, Thu Mar 22 09:39
                Claudia looked at him again and Connor hoped that he had made his intentions clear. He hated that he had hurt her with his actions - twice! - and he really did want to make it up to her. Of course,... more
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