A redemption arc would be nice, yeah
Sat Mar 3, 2018 16:38

There was a pause after Connor stopped talking, wherein Claudia ordered a drink from the waiter that had (in?)conveniently appeared. In that pause, Connor was able to notice the things he had been too wrapped up in his own head to notice before spilling out his apology, and they were things that he did not understand how to understand.

He shared two classes with Claudia, as well as a House, so it wasn’t like he hadn’t seen her since they had ceased being good friends. Connor had tried not to pay her too much attention - he didn’t want to seem like he was being disrespectful of the distance Claudia had decided to put between them - but he had noticed that Claudia had begun straying away from the soft, welcoming colours she usually wore to things that were much more fitted and bright. And today was a day where Claudia had particularly been feeling herself, apparently, because she was all done up in red including some very bold lipstick.

Typically, Connor would disapprove of such a thing. They were only fourteen. But after his engagements over the summer, Connor was somewhat less conservative than he had been before, and he could (a bit begrudgingly) appreciate Claudia’s bold look. It was nothing like the Claudia he was used to, but perhaps if he was going to ask that his former friend consider him changed, he ought to accept that she might have changed as well.

Claudia thanked Connor for his apology but did not explicitly accept it, which made him a little bit more nervous than he had been. She followed up her thanks with the question of why he had made the apology to begin with, which seemed to Connor to be a bit of an odd question. Or well, perhaps it was less odd considering the time he had taken to do so. Perhaps this was Claudia’s polite way of asking why he had been so slow to admit his fault in the whole incident.

“When I behaved inappropriately I was falling short of the expectations you had for our friendship,” Connor said, trying to explain himself without seeming too much to be begging forgiveness. “But I was - “ he looked away, then took a deep breath and looked back at Claudia. “I was concerned that you would not be able to forgive me for my actions, and that I had ruined any possibility for a future friendship. It should not have taken me so long to understand my hesitance, but - “ well it had, hadn’t it? Connor didn’t know what else to say along that line, so he changed tack. “I have been working to address my flaws,” he said. “Professor Blair has been quite helpful in that regard. I understand that what I said in a moment of anger meant far more than I intended, and it will not happen again.”

  • For redemption? - Claudia Dubois, Sat Mar 3 16:17
    Despite the fact that they had obviously spoken to each other in the many weeks they had been back at school since the summer, Claudia had spent nowhere near as much time with Connor recently as she... more
    • A redemption arc would be nice, yeah - Connor, Sat Mar 3 16:38
      • You are asking too much - Claudia, Sun Mar 4 12:01
        Claudia wasn’t sure she wanted to hear from Connor until he spoke. The first thing that he said was what she would have imagined: he acknowledged that he had behaved inappropriately and disappointed... more
        • What about a mini-arc - Connor, Sat Mar 10 12:34
          Connor let out a breath he hadn’t known he was holding when Claudia accepted that he had been addressing his faults, and voiced that she believed it would not happen again. It was a nice thing to... more
          • That sounds acceptable - Claudia, Sat Mar 10 14:27
            Connor’s countenance as he delivered yet another apology was persuasively sincere. As for her preferring the company of somebody who was more collected, she would own that a sane and rational... more
            • Let's go for that then - Connor, Thu Mar 22 09:39
              Claudia looked at him again and Connor hoped that he had made his intentions clear. He hated that he had hurt her with his actions - twice! - and he really did want to make it up to her. Of course,... more
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