You are asking too much
Sun Mar 4, 2018 12:01

Claudia wasn’t sure she wanted to hear from Connor until he spoke. The first thing that he said was what she would have imagined: he acknowledged that he had behaved inappropriately and disappointed her expectations of him. However it was his confession that he had been concerned that the damage caused to their friendship was irreparable that softened her countenance. His hesitancy could account for the long duration between the event and this conversation, although did he not realise that the relative silence between them had also caused a rift? Between Connor and Marley both being absent from her life, Claudia had been desperately lonely.

“I have been working to address my flaws,” Connor said, which supported the impression he was genuinely abashed by how he had acted. Claudia was pleased to hear it; she had been addressing her own flaws, too, and had gained more confidence, although evidently she still needed to work on dampening her emotional reactions to unsettling situations.

Having watched Connor contemplatively while he spoke, Claudia paused only to moisten her lips before she replied, “I support your endeavours to improve your understanding, and temper your reactions. It must have taken courage to own your faults,” she acknowledged, “and I believe you that it will not happen again.”

The waiter returned with her drink; Claudia turned her lips upwards in imitation of a smile as he placed it on the table in front of her. She declined any further assistance, and when he had gone, she looked back to Connor. “I forgive your behaviour last term,” Claudia said evenly. “But I have not forgiven you for the months of wondering whether you would ever seek to repair our friendship.” She could feel her cheeks warming, but her eyes were free of tears.

While she had been as friendless as the day she had arrived at RMI (perhaps moreso; at least Dardanius had looked out for her then), she had noticed that Connor had been less often in the commons, and that he had apparently befriended Nolan Ramsey (Claudia had only interacted with him a little, but he had seemed polite and was from a good family; if Connor would voluntarily solicit his company, Claudia would consider she might find him tolerable, too), so even he had not endured the same isolation that she had, despite being ostracised by a proportion of the student body. “I have been left to assume my company was not so valuable to you as I had persuaded myself it might be,” she cast her eyes down to the tea steaming in the cup before her.

  • A redemption arc would be nice, yeah - Connor, Sat Mar 3 16:38
    There was a pause after Connor stopped talking, wherein Claudia ordered a drink from the waiter that had (in?)conveniently appeared. In that pause, Connor was able to notice the things he had been... more
    • You are asking too much - Claudia, Sun Mar 4 12:01
      • What about a mini-arc - Connor, Sat Mar 10 12:34
        Connor let out a breath he hadn’t known he was holding when Claudia accepted that he had been addressing his faults, and voiced that she believed it would not happen again. It was a nice thing to... more
        • That sounds acceptable - Claudia, Sat Mar 10 14:27
          Connor’s countenance as he delivered yet another apology was persuasively sincere. As for her preferring the company of somebody who was more collected, she would own that a sane and rational... more
          • Let's go for that then - Connor, Thu Mar 22 09:39
            Claudia looked at him again and Connor hoped that he had made his intentions clear. He hated that he had hurt her with his actions - twice! - and he really did want to make it up to her. Of course,... more
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