What about a mini-arc
Sat Mar 10, 2018 12:34

Connor let out a breath he hadn’t known he was holding when Claudia accepted that he had been addressing his faults, and voiced that she believed it would not happen again. It was a nice thing to hear from someone, if he were to admit it to himself. Much of the end of last term and the beginning of this one had been devoted to ducking his head and avoiding people who thought that he was a terrible person. He understood why they thought that way, but Connor also felt slighted because people in general seemed to assume he was not going to change his ways, even though he had made obvious steps to improve. It wasn’t as though he had announced to the world that he had apologized to Andrew, but it was obvious that he was taking Cultural Studies even though the course itself was not quite his cup of tea. Yet, aside from Nolan and now Claudia, the entire school seemed bent on hating Connor. He found that distinctly unfair.

However, his relief that Claudia was willing to acknowledge that he was working to make himself a better person was fleeting because she went on to say something that made his hazel eyes widen and his heart beat faster than it had been before. Even though Claudia was forgiving him for his behaviour last term, she was not forgiving him for - oh goodness.

He felt absolutely terrible. Connor had never considered that Claudia might be waiting for him to repair their friendship; she had been cordial to him but had never indicated that she was interested in more than casual acquaintance following the termination of their exclusive friendship. He had always felt as though his chance to redeem himself in Claudia’s eyes was so slim it was barely worth attempting. After all, Claudia was poised and polite - from a good family, and a well-mannered, kind person besides. Connor couldn’t imagine that she struggled to form social ties, whereas he had not had much success at all making friends at RMI.

“Claudia,” the boy said in a manner that could almost be considered pleading, “I offer my most heartfelt apologies,” Connor felt truly terrible; his apology was sincere. “I had thought that you would prefer the company of someone who - “ wasn’t despised by the entire school? “Somebody who is more collected,” he finished. “I never for a moment valued your company any less than I had previously, and I have always treasured it to the utmost. I merely wanted to respect your request that we change the nature of our relationship.”

  • You are asking too much - Claudia, Sun Mar 4 12:01
    Claudia wasn’t sure she wanted to hear from Connor until he spoke. The first thing that he said was what she would have imagined: he acknowledged that he had behaved inappropriately and disappointed... more
    • What about a mini-arc - Connor, Sat Mar 10 12:34
      • That sounds acceptable - Claudia, Sat Mar 10 14:27
        Connor’s countenance as he delivered yet another apology was persuasively sincere. As for her preferring the company of somebody who was more collected, she would own that a sane and rational... more
        • Let's go for that then - Connor, Thu Mar 22 09:39
          Claudia looked at him again and Connor hoped that he had made his intentions clear. He hated that he had hurt her with his actions - twice! - and he really did want to make it up to her. Of course,... more
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