Holland Keene
Need a sidekick?
Mon Jan 23, 2017 13:18

The University of Boulder was having a lecture with Jamila Joon, the most thorough Muggle conspiracy theorist Holland regularly read. She wrote mostly about the extremes of publication bias in healthcare and how Big Pharma’s interest in the current medical model of mental illness was screwing over patients. Jamila was one of the few Big Pharma whistleblowers who wasn’t arbitrarily opposed to vaccinations, which was another reason Holland liked her. Despite the fact that her ideas were well-substantiated, Jamila described herself as a conspiracy theorist. Many “truth-seekers” embraced the label—Holland was one of them—but some thought it delegitimized their research in the eyes of the public.

Jamila’s talk was excellent—she had a new book out about a dimensional model of mental health, which Holland bought a copy of and had signed. Flipping through the book on the bus, Holland wasn’t sure they had the psychology background to totally understand it, but RMI’s library probably had something that would help. Overall the dimensional model looked ridiculously complicated for professionals, and Holland could see from what they read why pharmaceutical companies would be opposed to changing the system. It would make prescribing drugs awfully difficult.

Arriving on Pearl Street, Holland decided it was too early and too nice of a day to go back underground. They were walking towards Finnegan’s Flavors when they were flagged down by Nick Holtz. Nick was their Quidditch captain’s best friend, and they occasionally had Astronomy and some other classes together when their yeargroups were combined. They’d also worked together in the drama club a few times; Holland usually did the stage makeup for everyone in the show, which meant one-on-one time in the chair with everyone. They got along well and Holland was very fond of Nick. Queer people had to stick together sometimes.

Holland beamed and greeted him. “Not much. I just got back from a book signing at the college,” they said, gesturing vaguely at the messenger bag over their shoulder that contained Joon’s new book. The navy canvas was almost entirely covered in pin-back buttons with slogans like Keep calm and believe in aliens. A few of the buttons were magically animated, including a winking Eye of Providence. Holland figured Muggles would assume that the moving ones were holographic or LED-powered.

“I was thinking about getting ice cream.” It was that part of October where the leaves had turned and the weather was cool enough for a light jacket but warm enough to enjoy ice cream. Holland was wearing a red sweater over a white button-down and skinny jeans. It had been hot on the bus, and they had rolled their sleeves up to just below the elbows. The dyed part of their hair was dark blue today. “Wanna come?”

  • Getting my superhero on - Nick Holtz, Sat Jan 21 08:41
    Sweaty, Nick squirted water into his mouth from his silver-gray waterbottle as he walked out of the front doors of Pearl Street Dance & Fitness, waving to Jennie, who was working the front desk... more
    • Need a sidekick? - Holland Keene, Mon Jan 23 13:18
      • Who doesn't! - Nick, Tue Jan 24 08:29
        “Sure!” Nick said enthusiastically as Holland suggested they get ice cream. He was a fan of Finnigan’s Flavors (well, who wasn’t) and the weather was perfect for ice cream. “Gimme a sec though,” the... more
        • Spiderman usually works alone - Holland, Tue Jan 24 17:32
          While they waited for Nick to put his bag in his other bag, Holland examined their nails, which were polished a dark red color. It was one of the products they were workshopping for Mom, and they’d... more
          • That's because nobody likes him - Nick, Wed Jan 25 10:32
            Nick laughed. Of course Frankie had tried to recruit everyone in Lyra. His best friend was possibly more into Magic than he was, which was pretty impressive. Nick loved playing Magic the Gathering.... more
            • Which superhero are you? - Holland, Wed Jan 25 16:36
              “As long as there isn’t too much math, I like board games.” They liked Catan, which their Muggle cousins had been obsessed with for the past few years. The point system wasn’t too complicated and... more
              • “Don’t let me knock you off your broom,” Nick said with a laugh at Holland’s request for advice. If he had thought about it, Nick probably would have remembered that Holland had been on reserves for... more
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