That sounds acceptable
Sat Mar 10, 2018 14:27

Connor’s countenance as he delivered yet another apology was persuasively sincere. As for her preferring the company of somebody who was more collected, she would own that a sane and rational companion would certainly be desirable, but in lieu of any of those persons existing at school, apparently, Claudia would take the closest competitors: Connor was definitely among the forerunners. Caleb was proving unexpectedly pleasant company, although his mannerisms sometimes tended towards informality, his behaviors too familiar for the comparatively short duration of their acquaintanceship. Conversely, Claudia had never befriended Skylar despite knowing her for years, due in equal proportions to her obnoxious dress sense, infuriating habit of whistling, and her proclivity to assume she’s outperforming all her yearmates, yet Skylar had recently proved to be a commendable partner in spellwork classes and Claudia was considering getting to know her a little better. Still, neither of these potential new friendships were as rewarding, nor came as easily, as her friendship with Connor, which had effortlessly developed through a mutual respect for good manners and a shared sense of propriety.

“I never for a moment valued your company any less than I had previously, and I have always treasured it to the utmost,” Connor said, and Claudia continued to look resolutely at her teacup, her cheeks becoming a little more stained, although the emotion governing this physiological reaction was less negative that its first instance. She had missed the way in which he made her feel valued and respected as a person, and permitted herself the ghost of a smile as she raised her brown eyes to meet Connor’s once again.

“It was imperative I alter the nature of our relationship to avoid aligning myself with your misguided reactions,” she said patiently, “but Connor I did not intend to eliminate you from my life altogether.” It had been easier at first, to enable readjustment to their prior, non-exclusive friendship, and for Claudia and Connor each to consider their perspectives on the matters that had been raised by the incident involving Andrew Tennant. Yet when their friendship had not repaired itself over a more lengthy episode, Claudia had found herself most dissatisfied. “I hope I did not give the impression I wanted to abstain from your company for an extended duration, as this was not my intention.” It wasn’t quite an apology, but since there was no firm stipulation that their separation as friends - beyond their other, undefined arrangement - was anyone’s fault beside Connor’s, Claudia had no desire to claim responsibility, hence no apology was required of her. “Now that I have received an appropriate apology, I would be exceptionally contented to call you a friend again, if that is not objectionable to you.” Dark blonde eyebrows raised ever so slightly to convey the unspoken (although verbally implied) question, Claudia awaited his response to her offer of a renewed friendship.

  • What about a mini-arc - Connor, Sat Mar 10 12:34
    Connor let out a breath he hadn’t known he was holding when Claudia accepted that he had been addressing his faults, and voiced that she believed it would not happen again. It was a nice thing to... more
    • That sounds acceptable - Claudia, Sat Mar 10 14:27
      • Let's go for that then - Connor, Thu Mar 22 09:39
        Claudia looked at him again and Connor hoped that he had made his intentions clear. He hated that he had hurt her with his actions - twice! - and he really did want to make it up to her. Of course,... more
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