Nolan Ramsey
Two dudes being bros [Tag: Caleb]
Fri Apr 6, 2018 15:17

For the first time—out of only one other possible time, so he guessed that wasn’t saying much, but still—Nolan had actually missed being at RMI when he was gone. He was still glad he’d had the chance to get back to the ranch and go riding every day. Quint was mad at him for having been gone so long, but after about twenty minutes of Quint’s third-favorite game (“I Hate You, Nolan, So I Am Just Going To Stand Here And Make You Look Like An Idiot”) and a lot of treats, the winged horse had forgiven him and they’d done a couple of long flights. That was fantastic. Nolan never felt as good anywhere else as he did when he was riding.

The Ramseys had also done their usual holiday activities, which involved a couple of great big parties with all the cousins and second-cousins and all the people who were connected to those cousins. It was a crowded event, but the different generations always split off and formed their own groups at the party. Nolan had gotten to hang out with the people there that he actually liked, like Conrad Axwell and Thurmond Smith and Eppie Hewitt.

The difference between last summer and now was that now he actually had friends at RMI—Connor, Claudia, and Caleb. (Yes, Nolan had noticed the alliteration. He’d also noticed that his horse’s name started with that phoneme too, which was the kind of coincidence that Kazimieras would probably say was ordained by the position of Jupiter when he was born or something.) He was also friends with Myffi, sort of by default because they did the most for AgriClub. Myffi was kind of kooky but he liked her. And there was Kaye (another /k/ name). Nolan wasn’t quite sure he’d count her as a friend but she was fun to hang out with, especially when Ruben wasn’t around. Ruben didn’t like him. Nolan didn’t know why the older Aquila didn’t like him, but Ruben was not the kind of person you could question about something like that.

Nolan and Caleb had made plans to go to Pearl Street the first weekend they got back from break. The Taylors were pureblooded, but they only went back a few generations in the wizarding world. They didn’t run in the same circles as the Ramseys, but Caleb was all right. He liked Quidditch a lot, which Nolan couldn’t relate to, but that also meant he really liked flying, which Nolan could talk about until the mooncalves came home. Caleb was also pretty laid back about everything except Quidditch, which Nolan really appreciated, because sweet Merlin could some of the people at RMI get really worked up over dumb stuff. (Like Myffi and the whole Meatless Monday thing—Nolan wasn’t going to tell her that he thought that was kinda pointless, but it was seriously one of the lamest things about the school.)

Caleb was already on Pearl Street when Nolan exited the bookshop that served as the gateway between RMI and the rest of the world. “Hey,” Nolan said in greeting, giving his fellow fifth-year a small head-jerk of acknowledgement. “Happy first-weekend-back. What d’you wanna do today?”

    • Hey Bro - Caleb Taylor , Fri Apr 6 17:10
      His midterm had been eventful in a very good way. Caleb had been glad to be back home surrounded by the chaos that his family usually lived in. RMI was also noisy and full of life, but here was... more
      • Sup dude - Nolan, Mon Apr 9 01:34
        “Food sounds great,” agreed Nolan, because he was a fifteen-year-old boy and therefore always hungry. His parents had given him spending money before he came back to RMI. They’d said he had to make... more
        • Hey Buddy - Caleb , Wed Apr 11 16:40
          The real outdoors felt great. There was nothing like real sunshine and breeze. Being cupped up underground was something that Caleb sort of struggled with. It didnt felt like horrible or anything,... more
          • How’s it hanging, broseph - Nolan, Mon Apr 23 20:10
            There were two open seats together at the counter, so Nolan and Caleb claimed those. A waitress with hair redder than Nolan’s gave them menus. Nolan pretended to look at the first page of his, which... more
            • Not bad, Friend. You? - Caleb, Tue Apr 24 17:03
              The smell of the diner engulfed Caleb in a cloud of delicious happiness as soon as he stepped into the place. The fifth-year smiled at the promise of delicious food in front of them. If there was... more
              • All good, pal - Nolan, Tue May 1 11:59
                “Yeah, that sounds good,” Nolan said. The outdoor classroom was his favorite place inside RMI. He wasn’t sure how the trees and Agriculture Club garden and everything thrived under fake sunlight with ... more
                • Excellent, friend - Caleb , Wed May 9 12:43
                  It had taken Caleb a brief nanosecond to realize just what had escaped his mouth. The blonde blushed heavily as his eyes slowly searched for the floor. Caleb was embarrassed to blurt out something... more
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