Caleb Taylor
Hey Bro
Fri Apr 6, 2018 17:10

His midterm had been eventful in a very good way. Caleb had been glad to be back home surrounded by the chaos that his family usually lived in. RMI was also noisy and full of life, but here was nothing like the noise and life that his younger siblings brought to the Taylor house. It had been too short, but he had enjoyed until the last second. The blonde had been happy to spend time playing and flying with Thomas and Wesley, even when they tended to bicker quite a bit over who did what.

It had been heaven especially because Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day Lunch had been completely filled with his mother’s and grandmother’s delicious cooking. All the Taylor traditions had been followed, even caroling, an activity Caleb was not a fan of, though. He had enjoyed it because they had gotten cookies and delicious hot chocolate afterwards. AND the best thing was that since Wesley and Penny were still in the Santa Claus phase he got pretty sweet presents out of it. His parents tended to go overboard for the younger Taylor children.

It had been a great midterm, really.

And now he was back at school. It had been hard to come back to school. Caleb had realized just how much he had missed his family. However, things weren't bad at RMI, classes were going great and he had made friends. Nolan and Claudia were great to hang out with, but he kept his distance from Connor Farnon a friend of Nolan and Claudia. He gave him the creeps with his whole Pureblood Persona. No, Caleb didn't have the will or need to tolerate such attitudes, but would do it if required even when he wasn't a fan.

One of Caleb’s favorite things to do in Boulder was cruising through Pearl Street. There were lots of potential awesome activities, and Caleb loved the different opportunities. Today he had made plans to hang with his pal, Nolan. The blonde had come to like him as a friend, they both loved to fly and were pretty chill about most things which was great. Caleb rarely liked being involved in drama.

The blue-eyed fifth-year sat down on a bench and looked down at his watch. He was a few minutes early. It was okay, he could wait. After waiting for a few minutes, Nolan appeared and greeted him, “Hey,” he replied with a grin and the customary bro nod. He got up from his seat and messed up his hair, “How about some food?” he offered as his stomach rumbled. It was almost lunch time. “Then we can do whatever,” he shrugged. Right now all that he cared about was eating something delicious

  • Two dudes being bros [Tag: Caleb] - Nolan Ramsey, Fri Apr 6 15:17
    For the first time—out of only one other possible time, so he guessed that wasn’t saying much, but still—Nolan had actually missed being at RMI when he was gone. He was still glad he’d had the chance ... more
    • Hey Bro - Caleb Taylor , Fri Apr 6 17:10
      • Sup dude - Nolan, Mon Apr 9 01:34
        “Food sounds great,” agreed Nolan, because he was a fifteen-year-old boy and therefore always hungry. His parents had given him spending money before he came back to RMI. They’d said he had to make... more
        • Hey Buddy - Caleb , Wed Apr 11 16:40
          The real outdoors felt great. There was nothing like real sunshine and breeze. Being cupped up underground was something that Caleb sort of struggled with. It didnt felt like horrible or anything,... more
          • How’s it hanging, broseph - Nolan, Mon Apr 23 20:10
            There were two open seats together at the counter, so Nolan and Caleb claimed those. A waitress with hair redder than Nolan’s gave them menus. Nolan pretended to look at the first page of his, which... more
            • Not bad, Friend. You? - Caleb, Tue Apr 24 17:03
              The smell of the diner engulfed Caleb in a cloud of delicious happiness as soon as he stepped into the place. The fifth-year smiled at the promise of delicious food in front of them. If there was... more
              • All good, pal - Nolan, Tue May 1 11:59
                “Yeah, that sounds good,” Nolan said. The outdoor classroom was his favorite place inside RMI. He wasn’t sure how the trees and Agriculture Club garden and everything thrived under fake sunlight with ... more
                • Excellent, friend - Caleb , Wed May 9 12:43
                  It had taken Caleb a brief nanosecond to realize just what had escaped his mouth. The blonde blushed heavily as his eyes slowly searched for the floor. Caleb was embarrassed to blurt out something... more
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