Sup dude
Mon Apr 9, 2018 01:34

“Food sounds great,” agreed Nolan, because he was a fifteen-year-old boy and therefore always hungry. His parents had given him spending money before he came back to RMI. They’d said he had to make it last until the end of term, although Nolan was pretty sure they would send more if he asked nicely. Not that he thought he’d need more. He didn’t do a lot of shopping, just the occasional trip like this one when he’d come up to Pearl Street to grab a bite to eat.

Getting lunch and then an open afternoon to just hang out on Pearl Street sounded great to him. It was a crisp Saturday (Nolan guessed in the mid-fifties, about the same as Oklahoma had been last week), cool enough for the light denim jacket he was wearing over his striped tee but still sunny. Thank Merlin. Being cooped up underground, even with the weather charms on the Pitch and in the outdoor classroom, really messed with your head. Last semester Nolan had had a bunch of exams in a row and hadn’t gotten outside for a few days, and he felt like he was going crazy by the time he sat down for the History of Magic test at the end of the week. People were not meant to live underground.

“Broomstick Diner?” The Route 66 Broomstick Diner was kind of 1950s-themed and kind of Quidditch-themed—rumor had it that professional Quidditch players could eat there for free so long as they came in uniform—and, most importantly, the food was so good. They had this amazing meatloaf sandwich with fried onion straws, and a pecan pie milkshake that was just spot-on. Nolan wasn’t a picky eater, so if Caleb had another suggestion he was happy to follow it. The Sphynx Cafe, another restaurant he liked, was a further walk, but Nolan was up for it. His leg and his prosthetic were on good terms today.

Once they settled on a place, the two fifth-years set off down Pearl Street. “Y’all do anything fun over midterm?” Nolan asked as they walked. “It was Penny’s first Christmas, right?” That had to be pretty special for Caleb’s sister. The Taylors were a big family—Caleb was one of four siblings, which just seemed like a crazy amount of people in one house to Nolan. Sometimes three people in one house was a little much.

The Ramseys always went all out in decorating the house for Christmas, even though they spent the holiday at the Ramsey grandparents’ house. Last year they had skipped the whole holidays thing because of Uncle Felix’s death and Uncle Virgil’s arrest for it, so this year had been a first for them too: the first time they celebrated without Nolan’s uncles. That had been… pretty uncomfortable. “Ours was weird. My aunt and cousin came and it was super awkward that like, we all had to pretend it was fine that my uncles weren’t there.” Nolan wasn’t sure whether that was better or worse than if Aunt Honoria and Arc hadn’t been there, but he had tried to act like things were normal even though they weren’t. Arc hadn’t even made any jokes about Nolan having one leg the whole time, which was just not like him. Although Nolan figured that if his father committed fratricide, he wouldn’t be in a great mood at family gatherings either.

  • Hey Bro - Caleb Taylor , Fri Apr 6 17:10
    His midterm had been eventful in a very good way. Caleb had been glad to be back home surrounded by the chaos that his family usually lived in. RMI was also noisy and full of life, but here was... more
    • Sup dude - Nolan, Mon Apr 9 01:34
      • Hey Buddy - Caleb , Wed Apr 11 16:40
        The real outdoors felt great. There was nothing like real sunshine and breeze. Being cupped up underground was something that Caleb sort of struggled with. It didnt felt like horrible or anything,... more
        • How’s it hanging, broseph - Nolan, Mon Apr 23 20:10
          There were two open seats together at the counter, so Nolan and Caleb claimed those. A waitress with hair redder than Nolan’s gave them menus. Nolan pretended to look at the first page of his, which... more
          • Not bad, Friend. You? - Caleb, Tue Apr 24 17:03
            The smell of the diner engulfed Caleb in a cloud of delicious happiness as soon as he stepped into the place. The fifth-year smiled at the promise of delicious food in front of them. If there was... more
            • All good, pal - Nolan, Tue May 1 11:59
              “Yeah, that sounds good,” Nolan said. The outdoor classroom was his favorite place inside RMI. He wasn’t sure how the trees and Agriculture Club garden and everything thrived under fake sunlight with ... more
              • Excellent, friend - Caleb , Wed May 9 12:43
                It had taken Caleb a brief nanosecond to realize just what had escaped his mouth. The blonde blushed heavily as his eyes slowly searched for the floor. Caleb was embarrassed to blurt out something... more
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