Rose Farnon
Less winter, more cheer
Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:51

There was some fuss going on about Holland again, and Rose was staying out of it. Claudia Dubois had hexed Holland - which was impressive, in Rose’s opinion, because she had previously considered Claudia to be about as threatening as Cocoa Puff - and it was an all-around fiasco. Emmett was pissed, although Rose couldn’t tell if he was mad at Danny or Claudia or both, and Holland had seemed a little more defensive than usual, except when Danny was around. When Danny was around, the couple was oddly and uncomfortably affectionate, like they were trying to prove a point. Rose didn’t see what the big deal was. Sure, it probably sucked to get hexed by your boyfriend’s younger sister, especially when you didn’t see it coming, but it was just a hex. And if Holland hadn’t understood Claudia’s feelings about homosexuality in general, they had to have been deluding themselves because the younger girl made herself very clear on that, according to Dade (who wholeheartedly disapproved of having to share his House with Claudia).

To take a break from whatever was going around the seventh-year class, Rose had decided to take her studying up to Pearl Street. She was in the middle of reading a relatively inconspicuous tome on the relationship between language and the functionality of charms - well, inconspicuous once she’d charmed it to look like a mundane book on European history - and had figured that it would be well enough to sit and read the book in a coffee shop. She was taking her notes in Latin, for the purposes of improving her somewhat minimal grasp on the language, so she wasn’t concerned that any Muggles who happened to look over her shoulder would find something unusual on the notebook pages.

The weather was nice, for January. It felt more like early spring than midwinter, and Rose found herself regretting the black woolen overcoat she had worn over her fitted black jeans and flowy crimson top. She didn’t have a light jacket or a sweater with her, so had to choose between feeling a bit of a chill and being overly warm. Rose chose the chill, clasping the mug full of a chai tea latte between her hands as she meandered pleasantly through a chapter on modern-day modifications. Looking up to chew over a particular sentence, Rose realized that she was looking right at someone she knew, who had stopped and said something to her.

“Sorry, what did you say?” Rose asked.

    • Lucky for you, I'm bringing the cheer - Ruben Lundqvist, Tue Apr 17 00:51
      “I said, do you have any hunger?” the blonde repeated, waving the papery take-out box in his left hand, the right occupied keeping steady a thermos full to the brim with black coffee from the café... more
      • Somehow I'm skeptical - Rose, Mon May 7 06:19
        The person that had been talking to Rose was Ruben, and she only momentarily felt the urge to punch him in the face so that was overall better than things had been going since he’d slept with Marissa ... more
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