Ruben Lundqvist
Lucky for you, I'm bringing the cheer
Tue Apr 17, 2018 00:51

“I said, do you have any hunger?” the blonde repeated, waving the papery take-out box in his left hand, the right occupied keeping steady a thermos full to the brim with black coffee from the café behind them. “For food or not food, I guess, but I am specifically offering food right now. More specifically, dessert.” Just in case the creamy icing dripping out one corner didn’t give it away.

Ruben had come up to Pearl Street today on a mission for one thing: cinnamon buns. He didn’t eat them often, but over New Years he and Jocke had decided to surprise his sister with a tray of home-baked kanelbullar and, fan, the smell had sucked him right back in. The difficulty of finding proper bakeries in America (“proper” in this case being defined as “not using much sugar but plenty of cardamom”) was still a pain, as was the difficulty of doing his own baking here (he’d considered sneaking into the kitchens, but the house-elves were annoying enough when they weren’t acknowledging him, so scratch that). But after a casual saunter past several glass-fronted windows, chains clinking, he had identified one with a display case of thick twisted buns and comparably thick scented air that didn’t strike him as diabetes waiting to happen.

And so he had wound up with not one thing after all, but four. Four buns squished into a box, just waiting to be torn apart and washed down with the strongest coffee the barista at the counter could offer. Obviously he could eat all of them himself, or brought them back to share with Kaye, or contaminated them in an attempt to poison Danny’s psychotic sister something else, but he had to stop when he saw Rose on the street outside.

Did she even like cinnamon buns? Or want to hang out? Did he care? Meh, shrug, and nope, not even a fraction. They used to get on well enough, until Rose had randomly changed her mind or whatever last year. In his opinion they were getting on better again, at least in the sense that she spent an abnormal amount of time with Emmett over anyone else including himself these days (her loss) and that the ratio of active murder she seemed to be attempting when they squared off in Dueling Club had gone down marginally (her loss, again. The irony that she wasn’t taking advantage of being nearest his equal in offensive strategy to practise and improve, while at the same time he was training her baby brother behind her back and pretty damn sure Dade would outmatch her at the rate the kid was going, was not lost on Ruben. It was great.)

Anticipating a negative answer, and already committed to ignoring it, Ruben hooked the heel of his high-top around the nearest chair and dragged it closer, metal legs scraping the pavement in a most satisfying way. “Do you ever stop studying?” he asked rhetorically, smirking at her book. Flopping down, one long leg hooked over the side of the chair, he balanced his thermos on his knee and cracked open the box lid to release the delicious spiced smells.

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    There was some fuss going on about Holland again, and Rose was staying out of it. Claudia Dubois had hexed Holland - which was impressive, in Rose’s opinion, because she had previously considered... more
    • Lucky for you, I'm bringing the cheer - Ruben Lundqvist, Tue Apr 17 00:51
      • Somehow I'm skeptical - Rose, Mon May 7 06:19
        The person that had been talking to Rose was Ruben, and she only momentarily felt the urge to punch him in the face so that was overall better than things had been going since he’d slept with Marissa ... more
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