Not bad, Friend. You?
Tue Apr 24, 2018 17:03

The smell of the diner engulfed Caleb in a cloud of delicious happiness as soon as he stepped into the place. The fifth-year smiled at the promise of delicious food in front of them. If there was something Caleb loved was eating and the Broomstick Dinner had amazing food. No wonder he kept going back for more. Caleb, sometimes, sneaked into Pearl Street to get a milkshake from the dinner. His growing, exercising body needed the body fuel in the form of delicious food.

The fifth-years sat down. Caleb took the menu with a smile from the redheaded waiter. The waiter smiled back and it made the blonde feel good. People always needed smiles from strangers once in awhile, though maybe he wasn't a stranger to the dinner staff by now? He internally shrugged. He came in at least twice per week. He grinned to himself and opened the menu. He wanted to try something new. It took him around 5 minutes to decide on the cuban sandwich, some chili-cheese fries, a birthday cake milkshake and a side of onion rings. Yes, it sounded delicious.

“Oh thats too bad,” Caleb commented as he closed the menu. “I’m too old for Santa, but I am reaping the benefits of younger siblings,” he laughed. “Santa Claus brought me a kit to take care of my broomstick, a pair of new chaser gloves, and a new practice Quaffle ball,” he said proudly. He knew that everything his parents had bought for him was expensive, and he had told them he would do good use for it, namely become a famous Quidditch player. “And my parents gave me clothes,” he shrugged with a grin. He had really needed new clothes since his latest growth spurt had rendered his old ones useless.

Everything that Nolan had received sounded awesome, especially the jackknife, “wow, you need to show me how it works. Maybe near the Outdoor classroom where the trees and stuff is,” he asked excitedly. Caleb loved doing outdoor things, and he could use something like Nolan’s new knife. He could save and get one for him if he thought it was worth it.

The waiter came and Caleb ordered his food. He waited for Nolan to finish his order before resuming their conversation.

“It still baffles me that you and Claudia do the whole balls and fancy shindigs,” he said with a laugh. It was weird to feel that their lives outside of school were so different. Caleb spent a lot of his free time with Nolan and Claudia and sometimes Connor, but it was still weird that his two closest friends had this whole fancy life so far away from his normal one. The grey-eyed fifth-year smiled as his mind tried to build a world that he had no knowledge of. All he knew was what Nolan and Claudia told him and it sounded fun. His mind had gone to a different world and Caleb came back to hear Nolan’s last question, Caleb blinked, “Claudia,” he responded before blushing and realizing he had talked more than he should have.

  • How’s it hanging, broseph - Nolan, Mon Apr 23 20:10
    There were two open seats together at the counter, so Nolan and Caleb claimed those. A waitress with hair redder than Nolan’s gave them menus. Nolan pretended to look at the first page of his, which... more
    • Not bad, Friend. You? - Caleb, Tue Apr 24 17:03
      • All good, pal - Nolan, Tue May 1 11:59
        “Yeah, that sounds good,” Nolan said. The outdoor classroom was his favorite place inside RMI. He wasn’t sure how the trees and Agriculture Club garden and everything thrived under fake sunlight with ... more
        • Excellent, friend - Caleb , Wed May 9 12:43
          It had taken Caleb a brief nanosecond to realize just what had escaped his mouth. The blonde blushed heavily as his eyes slowly searched for the floor. Caleb was embarrassed to blurt out something... more
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