All good, pal
Tue May 1, 2018 11:59

“Yeah, that sounds good,” Nolan said. The outdoor classroom was his favorite place inside RMI. He wasn’t sure how the trees and Agriculture Club garden and everything thrived under fake sunlight with no fresh air and not enough pollinators (at least Nolan hadn’t seen a single bee inside of the school yet), but it was impressive.

The AgriClub garden was coming along nicely, and he was wondering if maybe they could do some landscaping—nothing fancy, just putting in some paving stones between the beds and maybe getting their own equipment shed so they didn’t have to head into the greenhouses all the time. Nothing against the greenhouses, because Magizoobotany was Nolan’s favorite class, but with Professor Bennett there was always a risk of loose billywigs or something. If he wasn’t on a horse, Nolan liked having both his real and fake foot on the ground, thank you very much.

Having ordered his pecan pie milkshake and double-decker club sandwich, Nolan let the waitress take his menu. Nolan didn’t really know what to say to Caleb’s comment about balls and parties, so he shrugged. Caleb was the only one in their kinda-group of friends who wasn’t society, but he was still from a wizarding family so it wasn’t, like, a huge difference. After all Nolan hadn’t been really involved in all that stuff until this time last year. Sylvanus Ramsey was kind of an introvert and would rather stay home, but when he was the third son it hadn’t really mattered if only Marilla and Nolan went to Cavanaugh things. Now Nolan’s dad had to go to like, every party, which meant Nolan did too.

“It’s just normal for us. Usually it’s fun. The people our age kind of split off from the adults so it’s not just stuffy conversations about the economy or whatever. I’m not much for dancing—having no left feet doesn’t actually help,” his mother didn’t like it when he made that joke but he thought it was funny, “but the food’s always good, and, like, I grew up with most of the people there.” He also didn’t care for dress robes—jeans were easier for him to move around in—but they weren’t the worst thing in the world. He admittedly wasn’t good enough friends with the other teens his age to want to write to them when he was at school, but that didn’t mean he didn’t get along with them in person. Nolan just wasn’t really a letter-writer.

There was a pause while Nolan tried to put Caleb’s one-word answer in context. Huh. Well okay then. “Yeah?” he prompted, a little amused. “What, uh, what about Claudia?”

  • Not bad, Friend. You? - Caleb, Tue Apr 24 17:03
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    • All good, pal - Nolan, Tue May 1 11:59
      • Excellent, friend - Caleb , Wed May 9 12:43
        It had taken Caleb a brief nanosecond to realize just what had escaped his mouth. The blonde blushed heavily as his eyes slowly searched for the floor. Caleb was embarrassed to blurt out something... more
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