Somehow I'm skeptical
Mon May 7, 2018 06:19

The person that had been talking to Rose was Ruben, and she only momentarily felt the urge to punch him in the face so that was overall better than things had been going since he’d slept with Marissa and then told the entire school about it. Marissa seemed to be on good terms with Ruben, and with that and time even Rose’s superior grudge-holding abilities struggled to keep up. And maybe it was that Ruben was somehow not involved in what was going on with their friend group, but Rose actually didn’t mind seeing him at this particular moment. Plus, it looked like he had some sort of thing that involved icing with him. Typically Rose found American pastries to have significantly more sugar than was strictly necessary, but at the moment she wouldn’t mind a bit of sugar.

“Sure,” the girl said, tone bemused, as Ruben made himself comfortable next to her. “And yes, I also play Quidditch, go to Dueling Club, and have a job.” Now, whether Rose ever took time to relax was a completely separate issue. That she did rarely. It always made her a little anxious to be doing things that weren’t productive, like she was wasting time that could be used to get ahead. Plus, up until recently, she’d had uni applications committees to think about impressing. Now that was all out of her hands, Rose hadn’t really found herself to be less driven, but it did feel like there was a weight off her chest. Now all there was to do was wait; it was all out of her hands. In the end she had applied to more schools than she had initially intended. Harvard, Yale, the University of Chicago, Duke, Amherst, NYU, and at Mr. Tennant’s suggestion, Sirweams Magical University and Tift College. Both Sirweams and Tift had a significantly higher acceptance rate than the other schools Rose had applied to, but had outstanding faculty in Charms or Spellwork. Professor McKindy had connected her with some people he knew at universities and given her some suggestions.

The idea of not going to Harvard was something that, after the discussions with Mr. Tennant and Professor McKindy, Rose felt better about. Some of the stuff Professor McKindy had talked about when he talked about the faculty at the other universities had been pretty amazing, and there were some other things that he had pointed out that made since. A smaller school like Tift would give her a lot more one-on-one time with professors and research opportunities. And apparently the thing that really mattered if you wanted to go further with charms development was your experience. Rose still wanted to go to Harvard, but maybe if she didn’t there were options. Well - maybe she was just telling herself that, a little bit. But if she told herself that enough, and kept reading papers by faculty at Sirweans and Tift, she would believe it.

“Do you ever study?” Rose returned the question wryly at Ruben.

  • Lucky for you, I'm bringing the cheer - Ruben Lundqvist, Tue Apr 17 00:51
    “I said, do you have any hunger?” the blonde repeated, waving the papery take-out box in his left hand, the right occupied keeping steady a thermos full to the brim with black coffee from the café... more
    • Somehow I'm skeptical - Rose, Mon May 7 06:19
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