Leopold Harris
Down on my luck
Tue May 8, 2018 17:44

Three weeks. That’s how long Leo had managed to hold down a job before throwing in the towel. Well, okay, so maybe yelling “I quit” in front of a queue of confused customers only after he’d been handed his notice didn’t count as leaving on your own terms. But really, Leo had intended to quit. All those snooty old ladies were too much to deal with and when that woman had tried to return the wine stained sweater it had been the last straw for Leo. He’d had to tell her where she could shove it. Honestly, Leo thought he’d handled the situation perfectly. There’d been no need for managers to get involved but as it turns out when they had said, ‘The customer’s always right’ they’d really meant it. So because Leo couldn’t cope with lying old biddies trying to con his employer he’d been shown the door. Big deal. He was not bothered. Like at all.

Okay, so yeah he’d been relying on the paycheck to fund his social life but it wasn’t like Leo was all that sociable. At the end of the day it was just his coffee habit that was going to take a huge hit and Leo shouldn’t be going to those chain stores anyway. He may as well have been tossing his money straight into a trust fund for Mr one-percent’s precious brat to get themselves a new mercedes and a pound of cocaine. But it was hard to focus on the pros of being broke with a lanyard reading Leopold still bouncing across his chest.

Suddenly, Leo stopped in the middle of the street, grasping the flimsy plastic tag he gave it a hard tug ripping it free of his neck. Leo allowed himself a moment to stare at the offensive item. He should have known the job wasn’t going to work out the minute he saw the thing. They clearly didn’t give a damn about their employees if they couldn’t adhere to one simple request: to call him Leo. Early on in life he’d learned that a name as stupid as Leopold was guaranteed to get you into a few fistfights. It was the first of many grievances which Leo could blame on his mom. It had been an easy decision to rename himself Leo when he came to RMI. He had imagined the sort of person someone called ‘Leo’ might grow up to be. Leo had seemed so much cooler than dorky Leopold. Leo didn’t wear glasses or have to entertain his siblings. Leo didn’t get picked on or get called on in class. Nobody was able to get the best of him because Leo was a one of the lads, a sports hero and all round ladies man.

Standing in the middle of Pearl Street at sixteen, friendless, having flunked a year of school and newly fired, Leo scoffed. It wasn’t a stretch of the imagination to assume Little Leopold would be disappointed with how things had turned out for Leo. But Leo was beginning to realise disappointment was just part of life- well for him anyway. There were plenty of people at RMI who seemed to eat up all the luck leaving Leo fishing for scraps. Bitterness rose to his throat and with a muffled cry of frustration he flung the lanyard down the street and watched without satisfaction as it came to rest by someone’s feet.

    • Well cheer up buttercup! - Petra Stiglitz, Tue May 15 13:01
      Petra definitely enjoyed the perks of being a third year. She got to go to Pearl Street and soon she would be able to pick what classes she actually wanted to take. But for now, Pearl Street was... more
      • It's no use trying to butter me up. - Leo, Wed May 16 19:25
        Leo looked out onto the street and saw all the sad individuals trodding around spending their hard earned cash on trivial shit hoping that this was the thing that was going to make them happy, and he ... more
        • Initially, Petra thought that the boy was about to kick her once he noticed that she’d spoken to him. The outstretched tag was snatched from her hand rather suddenly and the almost fourteen year old... more
          • That's one thing we agree on. - Leo, Mon May 21 11:07
            Leo rolled his eyes. No one had ever told him to be himself, not since he was like six or something. Because everyone knew the minute you hit your teens and started thinking for yourself all anyone... more
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