Petra Stiglitz
Well cheer up buttercup!
Tue May 15, 2018 13:01

Petra definitely enjoyed the perks of being a third year. She got to go to Pearl Street and soon she would be able to pick what classes she actually wanted to take. But for now, Pearl Street was enough fun for her. She liked to sit out when the weather was nice and people watch. Because she had so many siblings, she could read people pretty easily. Everyone was different, but there were always a few key behaviors and characteristics that the almost fourteen year old could pick out. It was where she’d been spending the vast majority of her time when she wasn’t in classes. She studied there too when the wind wasn’t too blustery. If it blew away the pieces of paper she was working on it would have been terrible. Today was one of those days and she was happy to relax in the café that she frequented.

She wasn’t people watching though. Today she was immersed in writing three pages of an essay for Spellwork and she really wasn’t sure what she was actually writing about. Really, she was wasting her time with anything but actually writing her essay. She was rather distracted and certain easily sidetracked by every passerby. The girl let out a groan and tried to refocus herself, watching the words of her text swim. She wasn’t going to get anything done being this distracted. Maybe being in the library for once wouldn’t be that bad but it was so dreary and quiet there.

As if to reinforce the fact that she wasn’t going to get anything done, a soft plinking sound drew the blonde girl to look away from her notes and towards the source of the noise. Grey eyes found the piece of plastic that had fallen by her foot. She blinked a couple times and picked up the item. It was a name tag with the name Leopold and Petra looked up for the owner. No one was close enough near by and she wrinkled her nose. Her eyes landed on someone not to far away, looking at the name tag. The Aquila frowned again and stood up walking over to the boy. “Is this yours?” She asked, extending it out towards him.

She recognized the boy, maybe he was from one of her classes? He was older though, and she wasn’t really sure. He didn’t look all that happy and the girl frowned again (really frowning seemed to be the only thing she did these days). She squinted a little, really trying to remember. But she’d always been bad with faces and names. “Do I know you?” She questioned, still holding the tag outstretched. “I recognize you, but I’m very bad with people I haven’t formally met.”

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    • Well cheer up buttercup! - Petra Stiglitz, Tue May 15 13:01
      • It's no use trying to butter me up. - Leo, Wed May 16 19:25
        Leo looked out onto the street and saw all the sad individuals trodding around spending their hard earned cash on trivial shit hoping that this was the thing that was going to make them happy, and he ... more
        • Initially, Petra thought that the boy was about to kick her once he noticed that she’d spoken to him. The outstretched tag was snatched from her hand rather suddenly and the almost fourteen year old... more
          • That's one thing we agree on. - Leo, Mon May 21 11:07
            Leo rolled his eyes. No one had ever told him to be himself, not since he was like six or something. Because everyone knew the minute you hit your teens and started thinking for yourself all anyone... more
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