It's no use trying to butter me up.
Wed May 16, 2018 19:25

Leo looked out onto the street and saw all the sad individuals trodding around spending their hard earned cash on trivial shit hoping that this was the thing that was going to make them happy, and he tried to remind himself he didn't want to be like them, that he didn’t need hard earned cash but it wasn’t working. He wanted a goddamn fancy coffee and he hated himself for it. Leo had bought into consumerism and now he’d be forever cursed to gaze into store windows at quality Quidditch gear he would never be able to afford and it sucked. He was just about to aim a kick at a nearby trash can, when a voice piped up beside him, “Is this yours?”

It took all of Leo’s self-control to stop him from redirecting his kick at the owner of the voice. He let his foot drop to the ground with a STOMP, and looked down to see a young girl taunting him with the stupid name tag. Ugh. Would the universe never give him a break? Do I know you, she says whilst holding a piece of plastic with his damn name on it, seriously? And what did a formal meeting require? Leo certainly wasn't going to start bowing and kissing her knuckles. Was he supposed to be like ‘why yes, young lady, I am Leopold of the Harris’ of New Jersey. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.’

What was this kid on?

Leo supposed she must be a student at RMI but he didn’t know for sure. He made a point of ignoring the younger students, something which admittedly had become a little harder now that he took his classes with the year below but if Leo had one talent it was making himself unapproachable. Unfortunately as Leo had recently learned, this talent was not appreciated in the world of retail or anywhere else for that matter. However he had thought he could rely on his one pineappling useless talent to let him brood in the street without being interrupted by some snot-nosed brat. But no. Leo couldn’t even have that.

Without uttering more than a disgruntled snort he reached out to snatch the name tag from the girl’s hand. “This?” he said with exaggerated revulsion, dangling the object in front of her face, “It just looks like trash to me.” He swiftly hurled it into the trash can hoping that this time it would stay out of his sight.

  • Well cheer up buttercup! - Petra Stiglitz, Tue May 15 13:01
    Petra definitely enjoyed the perks of being a third year. She got to go to Pearl Street and soon she would be able to pick what classes she actually wanted to take. But for now, Pearl Street was... more
    • It's no use trying to butter me up. - Leo, Wed May 16 19:25
      • Initially, Petra thought that the boy was about to kick her once he noticed that she’d spoken to him. The outstretched tag was snatched from her hand rather suddenly and the almost fourteen year old... more
        • That's one thing we agree on. - Leo, Mon May 21 11:07
          Leo rolled his eyes. No one had ever told him to be himself, not since he was like six or something. Because everyone knew the minute you hit your teens and started thinking for yourself all anyone... more
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