You're one recipe butter won't make better
Fri May 18, 2018 12:21

Initially, Petra thought that the boy was about to kick her once he noticed that she’d spoken to him. The outstretched tag was snatched from her hand rather suddenly and the almost fourteen year old frowned. Suddenly, the tag was dangling in her face and the boy was talking to her as if she were stupid and repulsing. If she’d grown up with less siblings, she might’ve cried. If they weren’t in public, she probably would have used one of the hexes that always got Hugo in trouble when he used them. However, neither of those things were a fact. The girl bristled and her shoulders tensed up.

She was all for being nice, but his rudeness bothered her. Maybe it was too many years of dealing with Hugo for an older brother, but Petra really just wanted to smack some sense into the older boy. Momma’s voice rang in her head, telling her that you couldn’t always see what was going on in other people’s lives, but all Petra could see was another snobby older boy with a piss-poor attitude. Was no older boy nice in this world? Or were they all out to make her feel like she’d done something to them personally. Maybe it was just their personality to be a jerk.

“Do yourself a favor,” Petra said, feeling her inner Frieda boil to the surface. She kept her expression neutral as she spoke hoping that it wouldn’t give way to the anger that was bubbling inside of her. “If anyone ever tells you to be yourself, you should ignore them. It’s for the best.” She was sure that it wasn’t as good as some of the responses the Frieda had given to the boys she didn’t like, but it seemed like it would fit in this situation. Plus she was sure the boy wasn’t going to be any nicer no matter what she said.

The girl continued to sit in her seat, not intending on moving at all. The library still wasn’t her favorite place and the older boy could walk away from her whenever he wanted. “Also, if you’re going to be like that to a stranger who was just trying to be nice,” she said, picking up her muggle pen to continue writing notes for her essay (she’d stolen one from Tavin because sometimes they were more practical than an ink well). “You should probably just throw yourself in the trash too.” The words were said without menace or anger – a feat that amazed Petra to a certain extent. At the same time, she felt a little bit bad.

With a sigh, the girl paused in her writing and looked over at him. “Look, I don’t know what’s gotten your knickers in a twist today and it’s none of my business, but you’re only hurting yourself by being a storm cloud on a pretty day like this.” Another thought crossed her mind and the Aquila decided to speak it aloud, hoping that – in a way – it would fix any bad karma she might’ve brought herself by being equally as rude to the boy. “Don’t do something permanently stupid because you are temporarily upset.” It was something Momma said when she got angry about the little things. Whether the boy wanted to listen or not, that was up to him, but Petra wasn’t going to let a grouch make her be permanently stupid.

  • It's no use trying to butter me up. - Leo, Wed May 16 19:25
    Leo looked out onto the street and saw all the sad individuals trodding around spending their hard earned cash on trivial shit hoping that this was the thing that was going to make them happy, and he ... more
    • You're one recipe butter won't make better - Petra, Fri May 18 12:21
      • That's one thing we agree on. - Leo, Mon May 21 11:07
        Leo rolled his eyes. No one had ever told him to be himself, not since he was like six or something. Because everyone knew the minute you hit your teens and started thinking for yourself all anyone... more
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