That's one thing we agree on.
Mon May 21, 2018 11:07

Leo rolled his eyes.

No one had ever told him to be himself, not since he was like six or something. Because everyone knew the minute you hit your teens and started thinking for yourself all anyone wanted to do was tell you who you should be. And who you should be was not yourself. Leo didn’t really want to be himself anyway, he’d love to be just about anyone else but preferably, someone with a trust fund and a six pack. Obviously this little blonde imp hadn’t figuired that out yet. Leo suspected they had to be one of those bubble wrapped kid’s whose mommies always tucked them in and told them how great their drawings where even when their stick figures looked more like stringy cheese than people.

Leo flinched mockingly when she told him to go toss himself in the trash- like that was the first time someone had said that to him. Maintaining a hostile tone, Leo spat back “Ouch. Yeah, you really got me there. Next time someone gets all up in my face I’ll totally just thank them for being a nosy brat and we’ll be best buds.” He smiled snidely down at her. Leo could feel himself getting increasingly riled up. He clenched his fists and tried to ignore the sound of the blood pounding in his head.

What was wrong with kids these days anyway? Always thinking they had to be nice to people. When Leo was growing up you were told not to approach strangers. No one wanted to be bothered in public. Leo even hated it when cashiers tried to make conversation with him. It was a waste of everyone’s damn time. Leo didn’t want to talk about the weather with some middle aged mom who’d flunked out of college, why couldn’t they just scan his chips and let Leo be on his way?

Leo was distracted from his thoughts by the girl again. Apparently, she didn’t know when to leave well enough alone. Was she actually like pitying him right now? What the pineapple? You don’t get to be all like calling people trash and then start talking about the goddamn weather, (one of Leo’s least favourites topics!) it sounded as thought she’d swallowed an agony aunt column and Leo was Not In The Mood. He wasn’t really sure how to respond. He’d already done all the stupid a person could for one day. He’d gotten pineappling fired! And instead of giving him some rain to wander around in dramatically he’d got sunshine and some girl dishing out life advice instead. Yup. The universe was mocking him for sure. For a moment he stood there looking at the younger girl stupidly before gruffly, mumbling, “Are you being serious right now? Like what the hell. I don’t need advice from some little girl.”

  • Initially, Petra thought that the boy was about to kick her once he noticed that she’d spoken to him. The outstretched tag was snatched from her hand rather suddenly and the almost fourteen year old... more
    • That's one thing we agree on. - Leo, Mon May 21 11:07
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