Spiderman usually works alone
Tue Jan 24, 2017 17:32

While they waited for Nick to put his bag in his other bag, Holland examined their nails, which were polished a dark red color. It was one of the products they were workshopping for Mom, and they’d designed it not to chip. It was chipping anyway. Holland was starting to regret not knowing more about potions; most of the things they made for Bryony Keene’s business were enchanted, not brewed, and the fifth-year had thought they could get by on charms alone. Apparently not. Marissa might help in exchange for free samples, or as a very last resort Lucien might take it on for the academic interest. Holland didn’t get along with Nick’s roommate—he frequently misgendered them despite years of patient corrections—but he was apparently very good at potions.

Actually, Holland would rather ask the new Potions professor than Lucien Dubois. Rob Hier was the Head of Aquila, so he was probably fun.

Nick was taller than them, but not by a lot, and Holland had no trouble keeping up with him. They grinned when he brought up Frankie’s hobby. “Oh, he’s tried to recruit everyone in Lyra at some point.” Mostly by singling people out in the Common Room. Emmett often voluntarily joined, which meant Holland had watched and played a few games as well.

“I’m pretty bad at it,” they said, laughing. “When I get the chance I usually just choose what cards to play based on the artwork.” It was the same reason they were bad at Pokemon when they were obligated to play with their younger cousins. Holland always built their team with the cutest creatures, with no mind to moves or effectiveness. Looking at stats was too much effort for a card game. “So I’m not much fun to play Magic with. Board games are cool,” they offered, “but I get antsy with anything that takes longer than two hours.”

They arrived at the ice cream parlor, and Holland passed Nick to get the door. The bell above the door jingled. “After you,” they said, waving him on. Holland wasn’t sure where they stood on chivalry, but politeness usually wasn’t wasted.

  • Who doesn't! - Nick, Tue Jan 24 08:29
    “Sure!” Nick said enthusiastically as Holland suggested they get ice cream. He was a fan of Finnigan’s Flavors (well, who wasn’t) and the weather was perfect for ice cream. “Gimme a sec though,” the... more
    • Spiderman usually works alone - Holland, Tue Jan 24 17:32
      • That's because nobody likes him - Nick, Wed Jan 25 10:32
        Nick laughed. Of course Frankie had tried to recruit everyone in Lyra. His best friend was possibly more into Magic than he was, which was pretty impressive. Nick loved playing Magic the Gathering.... more
        • Which superhero are you? - Holland, Wed Jan 25 16:36
          “As long as there isn’t too much math, I like board games.” They liked Catan, which their Muggle cousins had been obsessed with for the past few years. The point system wasn’t too complicated and... more
          • “Don’t let me knock you off your broom,” Nick said with a laugh at Holland’s request for advice. If he had thought about it, Nick probably would have remembered that Holland had been on reserves for... more
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