That's why you didn't see this coming
Tue Jun 19, 2018 15:41

Claudia didn’t see how her current community could thrive on equality in the proportions Holland was advocating. She was confident there were many social prejudices that did not apply to her associates in society, but some - certainly those that affected Holland - were essential to its mission. Claudia had - on several occasions and by a variety of people - been persuaded that a witch or wizard could reproduce with a Muggle to create magically inclined offspring (indeed she knew several students at RMI who were proof of that, including the person sitting opposite her). She still didn’t have any facts pertaining to the longevity of this magical bloodline: would hypothetical offspring of this halfblood still be magical if they, too, made a union with a Muggle? Neither was she informed on the strength of magical blood if allowed to become polluted with non-magical strains. Would that inevitably lead to pureblooded witches and wizards becoming comparatively more magically powerful than their mixed heritage counterparts? That didn’t sound like equality. Neither did a union with a Muggle for that matter; Lia had suggested that she and her Muggle husband had found a balance, but Claudia would dispute that it was not an equal arrangement: a wizard could do everything a Muggle could do, but the reverse was emphatically not true.

That was just one inequality. Sexuality and orientation were somehow yet more controversial, as one of the key components of her society was to further it by producing more Heirs, specifically those with strong magical bloodline. Gay couples were just not so easily able to do that, and certainly could not accomplish the feat in the traditional manner.

Yet another criterion Holland could not meet was that which concerned societal connections. The aristocracy was explicitly comprised of wizarding elite: important and influential people with wealth and knowledge to invest in future generations. The bath products produced by Holland’s mother were very pleasant, but held no relevance for prosperity or progeny.

In short, if this community promoted equality, it would collapse. Its ethos was incompatible with those unable to profit from it, and vice versa. If Holland wanted to destroy the patriarchy, they would destroy a construct so fundamental to Claudia’s perception of self that she would be unable to express an identity: her purpose was to support her family, initially by obedience to her parents and by securing a respectable union to make her family stronger, protecting their wealth and promoting their stature, crucially bearing future heirs for her husband to continue the bloodline and protect wizardkind from extinction. She knew she was important in the system, and without it, who was she? A girl whose friends turned on her, whose family betrayed her, with slipping grades but an increasingly extensive theoretical knowledge of defensive magic. At least Dardanius would still have intelligence, athleticism and confidence on his side (unless the experience stripped him of the latter).

“You’re probably right about our upcoming opponents,” Holland said. “I guess it’s good we’ve had practice. I don’t think I’ll be fazed by anything they can throw at me now.”

Claudia graced Holland with an expression that made it clear she pitied their ignorance. “Glad to be of service,” she replied steadily, with no hint of a smile. Deliberately, she reached for her wand. She held its handle in a firm grip, tensing her fingers around it for a moment longer than necessary, before she stood. Wordlessly she slipped the wand back into the custom-made pocket of her bag. She moved to leave, and then, with a haughty expression, she added, “I hope you are right. I don’t want you to succeed, but I don’t want you hurt. There’s been enough of that.” There had been enough of this conversation, too. Without waiting for a response, Claudia stepped promptly away from the table.

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    “ Or it’s a quick way to become unpopular and ostracized. ” Holland had nothing reassuring to tell Claudia about that. Yes, that was a possibility, maybe even the most likely outcome, even in this... more
    • That's why you didn't see this coming - Claudia, Tue Jun 19 15:41
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