Magdalena Adler
Trying something new
Fri Jul 20, 2018 20:49

Now that Magdalena was a fourth year she no longer had to endure as many classes which limited her trails considerably. She was feeling much more relaxed about school and it helped to know that she had performed well in her STOATS- much better in fact than she had anticipated. Alena had decided that her problem wasn’t that she was stupid- even if she still wasn’t anywhere near top of the class like Remington- Alena could mange. She simply wasn’t very good at performing in front of people and sometimes it seemed to her that magic was all one big performance. It made sense then that people like Charline- who adored attention- seemed to excel whereas a more timid person like Alena frequently failed. She had confided this in Benjamin over the Summer and although he had been most sympathetic she was not convinced he truly understood her quandary. Alena knew that Benjamin hadn’t done very well in school but it was her belief that he had simply chosen not to try. Alena, however, tried very hard but sometimes it just wasn’t enough to will yourself to overcome the jitters in your stomach that resulted in a shaky hand and botched spells, and so it had been an easy decision to cut classes like Spellowrk and DADA out of her curriculum but just because she had stripped these inconveniences from her life didn’t mean that Magdalena had given up on challenging herself completely.

As a third year she had been granted access to Pearl Street. The little strip of Muggle America, with the occasional wizarding safe haven, was a popular spot amongst RMI’s student population but Alena had only been able to make the trip on three occasions. It wasn’t that anything bad had happened when she had been up there, in fact she enjoyed the sensation of feeling and seeing seasons that RMI’s underground infrastructure denied its inhabitants, but Alena soon became weary of the figures bustling up and down the streets. Despite attending school there, she was unfamiliar with America and unused to being in public places alone. She was even less comfortable being out in the Muggle world. There was a part of her which kept expecting to be found out, for someone to stop in their tracks and yell “Witch!” at her. It was a very silly way to think and didn’t do much to support her new way of thinking about her intelligence. But Alena couldn’t help it. The feeling of being an imposter in a strange world would not go away.

Now that she was older and hopefully wiser, she was intent on working through her problems with Pearl Street. How else was she to enjoy her youth if she could not take advantage of the little freedoms offered her at school? She did her best to prepare for her first trip of term, reading up on some school texts on the topic of muggles (to remind herself that muggles were a perfectly harmless, quaint people) and even put on a pair of jeans. Alena had never known what to make of jeans but knew they were very popular with RMI students and muggles alike so she had purchased some by mail order when staying with Charline. She had briefly considered asking Charline to help her acquire some more muggle-esq clothing but she did not think she had ever seen her sister in a pair of jeans, and Charline was quite passionate on the topic of what a lady should and should not be seen wearing, so Alena quickly decided to keep her little shopping adventure to herself. It was better to be safe than sorry.

When she arrived at Pearl Street she chose to ignore her instinct to seek out The Sphynx and instead settled down for a cup of coffee at Café Vert (not yet feeling adventurous enough to venture into a muggle owned establishment). It wasn’t so bad, she told herself as she indulged in a little people watching. Really, she could hardly tell who was one of her lot and who was not. Keeping a firm grip on her coffee mug she tried to relax but could not deny the swell of relief she felt when she saw a familiar face from school, and with perhaps a little too much enthusiasm, she called out in greeting, “Hallo, would you care to join me?”

    • New is not always better - Claudia Dubois, Sun Jul 22 05:37
      Similarly to Boulder’s Pearl Street, there were parts of New Orleans where stores sold genuine magical supplies amongst mundane Muggle spiritualist paraphernalia, so Claudia always returned to school ... more
      • Better to be stuck in a rut? - Alena, Thu Jul 26 18:53
        Alena had always assumed that Claudia Dubois was exactly the sort of person Papa would wish her to interact with. However, there had been many whispered conversations about the older girl throughout... more
        • Change the rules, not the game - Claudia, Sat Jul 28 14:28
          The fifth year wasn’t certain she would necessarily label her outing according to Alena’s phrasing, but the words were sufficiently ambiguous to be open to interpretation. Therefore rather than... more
          • That doesn't sound fair - Alena, Thu Aug 2 08:29
            “You do yourself a disservice,” Alena replied smiling, “I think your dress is delightful.” Indeed, Claudia was very aesthetically pleasing, Alena thought enviously, it was no surprise she received... more
            • Life's not Fair - Claudia, Mon Aug 6 07:50
              Alena’s assessment of her dress as ‘delightful’ was not inaccurate - perhaps the fourth year had some idea of fashion after all - but Claudia did not always necessarily wish to embody that particular ... more
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