Claudia Dubois
New is not always better
Sun Jul 22, 2018 05:37

Similarly to Boulder’s Pearl Street, there were parts of New Orleans where stores sold genuine magical supplies amongst mundane Muggle spiritualist paraphernalia, so Claudia always returned to school with her stationery well stocked with finest magical mechanise. However she was not permitted to venture into her home city unaccompanied, so her wardrobe for the year had been selected in the company of her mother, or the mother of a friend. While she had selected some outfits that were closer fitting to her fifteen-year-old figure, she would not necessarily described them as flattering. Claudia was slender, her body gradually becoming curved and contoured. While the fifth year did not desire to flaunt this, as that would be woefully inappropriate for a young lady such as herself, she could not longer wear the cute pinafores or floral sundresses of two years prior… that somehow seemed equally as inappropriate. It was almost as though clothing designers had forgotten her age group existed. She wasn’t a child anymore, but neither was she an adult. There had to be something that expressed developing maturity without being vulgar about it, but Claudia had yet to find much at all that expressed who she was in the current time (and that was only partially to do with not really knowing who she was in the current time, but that was altogether a different problem).

Hoping that the absence of an escort might enable her to try clothes she might not otherwise have considered, for fear of being judged or chastised, Claudia had decided to frequent Pearl Street close to the beginning of term. She was now sufficiently familiar with the mall that the prospect of the visit caused her no anxiety (unlike in her third year, when she had needed to plan her visits meticulously, and had taken months to progress much past the bookstore), yet on arrival to the bright and bustling street, Claudia felt that perhaps her long absence over the summer was the cause for the sudden lack of confidence she was experiencing.

She hesitated for a couple of moments, but ultimately decided she would detest herself if she gave in so easily. Instead she decided to have a calming cup of tea, and while she drank it she could talk herself into braving the stores. She had nervously ordered chamomile tea at Cafe Vert, when a called greeting startled her. With surprise, Claudia recognised Magdalena. She did not know the younger year particularly well, but had no objections to getting to know her a little better, especially as Nolan had also demonstrated some interest in spending time with her (Claudia did not know whether his interest in Miss Adler was platonic or otherwise; it was not her place to ask). So the fifth year took her cup and joined her classmate at the table.

“Good morning,” Claudia greeted in a more appropriate volume, settling herself into the seat opposite Alena.

  • Trying something new - Magdalena Adler, Fri Jul 20 20:49
    Now that Magdalena was a fourth year she no longer had to endure as many classes which limited her trails considerably. She was feeling much more relaxed about school and it helped to know that she... more
    • New is not always better - Claudia Dubois, Sun Jul 22 05:37
      • Better to be stuck in a rut? - Alena, Thu Jul 26 18:53
        Alena had always assumed that Claudia Dubois was exactly the sort of person Papa would wish her to interact with. However, there had been many whispered conversations about the older girl throughout... more
        • Change the rules, not the game - Claudia, Sat Jul 28 14:28
          The fifth year wasn’t certain she would necessarily label her outing according to Alena’s phrasing, but the words were sufficiently ambiguous to be open to interpretation. Therefore rather than... more
          • That doesn't sound fair - Alena, Thu Aug 2 08:29
            “You do yourself a disservice,” Alena replied smiling, “I think your dress is delightful.” Indeed, Claudia was very aesthetically pleasing, Alena thought enviously, it was no surprise she received... more
            • Life's not Fair - Claudia, Mon Aug 6 07:50
              Alena’s assessment of her dress as ‘delightful’ was not inaccurate - perhaps the fourth year had some idea of fashion after all - but Claudia did not always necessarily wish to embody that particular ... more
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