Russell Drew
You weren't listening, right?
Sun Jul 22, 2018 17:07

To say that the dominant emotion for the start of Russell’s final year at RMI was “bewildered” would be an understatement. First he had been made Head Boy, an obvious oversight by the school administration. Immediately following that he had attempted to make amends with Emmett, which had failed miserably (and actually not at all because he didn’t know what he was making amends for, since Emmett had pretty much hated him on sight) and resulted in him leaving the Diner without having dined. That in itself wasn’t the worst-case scenario. After Jaws last year, when he stopped having meals at all, Marissa had started sending house-elves to his room, and well, that had continued even without her. At least one of the elves was apparently still in the habit, because he showed up to his dorm to find not just his suitcase but also two sandwiches and an entire fruit bowl. So that had been an alright way to spend the night.

The following morning, he’d gotten up early (early by his standards, which by lack of company Russell had always assumed was abnormally early for anyone else) to make use of the Cetus private study room for some revision work. Russell had signed up to start Animagus lessons last year, and his first meeting of the new term with Professor McKindy was already coming up quick, and due to his July birthday he hadn’t been of legal age the full summer. A month-and-a-half of careful practice had resulted in him being able to pull off certain trivial charms both nonverbally and wandlessly, but being able to do Alohomora, Quietus, and others of their calibre wasn’t enough. Unfortunately his goal of extra revision had not accounted for one of the new Cetus first-years to be occupying the room when he arrived, and she had actually shushed him for turning pages in his book too loudly, and he had left soon after, instead camping out in the commons and trying not to get too distracted by the stars overhead.

He had expected the Diner to be safe for breakfast, but once again found himself bewilderingly interrupted, this time not by Emmett’s hostily nor the new Cetus’ volume standards, but by a pair of young boys. One of them looked half-asleep, and the other was dancing in place, and they took over the other end of his table to have a very one-sided conversation about skateboarding. At one point, the sleeping boy fell face-first into his cereal, and then the other asked for help cleaning up, and before Russell knew it he had not only been identified as Head Boy and able to help with this kind of thing, but had disclosed that he knew a thing or two about both dance and skateboarding. It hadn’t been intentional; the sleeping-no-longer boy had called him a fly, which he did not respond to because it did not make sense, and the awake boy had made a comment about the skatepark on Pearl Street, which he had automatically made a comment back about because it was quite rare to hear other students discussing it.

The younger boy had caught him by surprise. And now it was just the first week in, and he couldn’t shake him. It wasn’t bad, exactly. Jarrett was pretty bright and cheerful, and reminded him of a younger Marissa in the ways that Kit didn’t by virtue of being chaos on ten legs. But it was helpful to have his own House, classes, and leadership responsibilities to break his attention off; he couldn’t follow Russell into Cetus or around the halls at midnight on patrol with the prefects. As for his free time, though? It was all up for grabs. Sigh.

Until he remembered that the age line for the Pearl Street elevator was a thing, weighed up the discomfort of hanging out in the public eye alone with his current disinterest in being tagged around by a first-year, and decided it was worth it for some much-needed alone time. Now sitting along the shady side of the courthouse with a thick book, Theories of Human Transfiguration, open in his lap, Russell brushed a few crumbs off his striped shorts and set the greasy paper-wrapped shawarma down on the grass beside him in order to turn the page. Describing some of the early recorded attempts and general presumptions about shapeshifting before going into modern understanding and too much detail about the evolution of spells relevant to Animagus transformations, it was a pretty dry book, but pretty fascinating, too, and it wasn’t until he noticed someone’s feet in his peripheral vision that Russell realized he’d been muttering out loud as he read. Oops. Forcing a not-really-casual smile, he glanced up at whoever had approached him, hoping they weren’t a Muggle. Breaking the Statute of Secrecy would be an even worse way to start off seventh-year.

    • Why should I tell you? - Dade Farnon, Sun Jul 22 17:57
      The pet store was more crowded than it probably should have been, and Dade wasn’t really enjoying being there. But after his letter to Rose, his sister had demanded he come to Pearl Street... more
      • The first thing Russell noticed was that the person to interrupt him this time was the youngest Farnon. However, far from this bringing relief that he hadn’t inadvertently shared spell theory with a... more
        • Well that was easy - Dade, Wed Jul 25 15:52
          It seemed like Russell was distracted by the rat in Dade’s carrying cage. It was a pretty cute rat, Dade wasn’t denying that, but Russell was a seventh-year and Dade would have figured a seventh-year ... more
          • I made something easier? Wow that's new - Russell, Wed Jul 25 22:37
            Looking away from the rodent again, he listened with increasing concern as Dade described how exactly Claudia was bothering him. He couldn’t say he was surprised, but he also couldn’t say he wasn’t.... more
            • There's a first time for everything - Dade, Thu Jul 26 11:06
              Okay, maybe Russell wasn’t a complete idiot. Unlike some people (Marley) he seemed to be taking Dade seriously. Considering his position at the school, Russell was a good person to be taking Dade... more
              • And what a surprise it is! - Russell, Sun Aug 5 00:18
                To his great and clear surprise, thin eyebrows having both jumped up his forehead with the approximate speed at which he preferred to jump out of the way of Marissa’s uncomfortably talkative sister... more
                • Well, what kind of surprise is it? - Dade, Wed Aug 8 12:44
                  It seemed like Russell was super into holding the rat, so Dade opened the carrying cage and waited for the older boy to scoop up the little critter inside. First, Russell let the rat sniff him and... more
                  • A warm'n'fuzzy one - Russell, Tue Aug 14 21:58
                    Russell nodded understandingly. Names were tricky and he certainly hadn’t expected Dade to have already picked one out. Even asking the younger boy if he had any name ideas when he had presumably... more
                    • That seems like a nice surprise - Dade, Thu Aug 16 19:55
                      The idea of a rat rescue had never occurred to Dade. He supposed it kind of made sense. There were rescues for dogs and cats, so it stood to reason that people would want to give up a rat or... more
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