Which superhero are you?
Wed Jan 25, 2017 16:36

ďAs long as there isnít too much math, I like board games.Ē They liked Catan, which their Muggle cousins had been obsessed with for the past few years. The point system wasnít too complicated and Holland didnít have to learn any made-up words, which filled all their requirements for a good way to spend time at family gatherings. Their cousins seemed to think Holland was fae royalty because of their multicolored hair, but Dadís siblings and their spouses didnít seem quite sure what to make of the teen. It didnít bother Holland much, but they preferred hanging out with the younger family members all the same.

Holland deferred the conversation about Quidditch until after ice cream had been acquired. Nick ordered first; he seemed like he had a clear idea of what he wanted, while Holland lingered over the list of flavors. They debated Rainbow Ripple (tasted like passionfruit and turned your tongue different colors for a few hours after you ate it) versus Pavlova (marshmallow ice cream with a blackberry swirl inside a thin meringue shell) for a few moments before choosing the latter.

ďIn a cup,Ē they added, slightly unnecessarily. It was impossible to eat Pavlova in a cone; you needed a spoon to excavate the ice cream. Holland usually got a cup regardless of what flavor they ordered anyway. Cones were messy and wafer didnít taste that good.

They paid for the ice cream, grabbed a fistful of napkins, and walked back into the autumn sunlight. Nick had claimed a table in the little roped-off area in front of Finneganís Flavors, and Holland joined him. The used their spoon to crack the meringue ball open and crush it into the filling. In addition to the blackberry jam, there were little pieces of strawberry and kiwi mixed in with the ice cream. It was very sweet and very good.

ďIíve never really been into Quidditch,Ē they said, picking up the thread of the earlier conversation. ďI mostly just tried out because Emmett agreed to let me do his makeup if I did.Ē And he looked undeniably fantastic with contouring. ďBut Iím first string this year, not reserves, so I guess itís time to get really into Quidditch, right?Ē Holland added with a grin. Nick was a Beater, but he was the captain for Draco, so he probably knew how to play all the positions. ďAny advice for Keeping?Ē

  • That's because nobody likes him - Nick, Wed Jan 25 10:32
    Nick laughed. Of course Frankie had tried to recruit everyone in Lyra. His best friend was possibly more into Magic than he was, which was pretty impressive. Nick loved playing Magic the Gathering.... more
    • Which superhero are you? - Holland, Wed Jan 25 16:36
      • ďDonít let me knock you off your broom,Ē Nick said with a laugh at Hollandís request for advice. If he had thought about it, Nick probably would have remembered that Holland had been on reserves for... more
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